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Control Valves

Specifying Automatic Control Valves is a critical balancing act. On one hand, you must have the utmost confidence not only in the

Ball Valves

A ball valve (like the butterfly valve and plug valve are one of the family of valves called quarter turn valves) is a valve that opens by

Forged Steel Valves

Forged Steel Valves are available as gate valves, globe valves and much more for use in industrial and commercial applications.

Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic valves, including cryogenic ball valve, cryogenic gate valve, cryogenic globe valve, cryogenic safety valve, cryogenic check valve

Bellow Seal Valves

A valve with a bellows to seal off the stem enclosure is an ideal choice whenever leakage to the atmosphere is intolerable due

Titanium Valve Series

Titanium valve and titanium alloy valve is mainly using titanium materials have good stability and passivation ability in strong

American Standard Valves

ANSI valve refers to the valve in the manufacture all material brands, connection size, testing and inspection criteria and valve parameter identification etc

Instrument Valves

Shanghai Fengqi offers a variety of 2-, 3-, and 5-valve instrument manifolds. The 2-valve manifolds are designed for static pressure