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Water supply and drainage engineer modern design idea

How to determine the merits of a water supply and drainage engineer? Is only a search manual, sets the standard map, back standardized system for years has always been drawing maker, or a sense of modern design with a qualified engineer? This far as water supply and drainage engineer should have the sense of modern design to explore in order to teach at the peer.
        1, open and rigorous knowledge structure
        We are specialized in school to learn the theory of knowledge for our beat structure of a foundation, this does not mean that we can once and for all of the study. I remember graduating from the tea party a teacher says with a remark: "I hope the students work for a few years later, 10 million do not think that it is the opposite to the drain." As time goes on, I increasingly feel that the teachers in this sentence weight. A qualified water supply and drainage engineer, his knowledge structure should be both rigorous and open. Of course, the core part of the knowledge structure is the basis of professional theory, a solid theoretical basis, you can ensure the design is correct, while the relevant professional knowledge and understanding of, then be able to meet up with other professionals to ensure proficiency. However, as far as possible to make the design perfect, in the given conditions, the program integrates the best technical and economic indicators, will depend on your cultural taste, knowledge and breadth, depending on your use of this knowledge to solve practical problems, depending on your development with today's society and your understanding of the owners of the service, in short, the knowledge structure should be open, and should continue to take note of the professional and social dimensions of the latest developments and the impact on the design work to continuously improve their design and design thinking , so that both the practical engineering design, another forward-thinking.
        Water supply and drainage engineers in the knowledge structure, the author would like to emphasize the role of knowledge in systems engineering in this category. Water supply and drainage works, the final analysis, the system design. A project in hand, should be more up and down point in the system design effort, we should think about how to optimize the system, in the current level of technology and boundary conditions, this system can achieve the optimal, can be easily peer-to overturn it? Regardless of the system can be whether it has achieved the best paying attention only to keep our noses to Paint, certainly not get good design.
        As a water supply and drainage engineer, should continue to improve and enrich their own knowledge structure, making it an open system.
        2, simple and practical way of expression
        Chinese habit of "Heaven and Man", we have to lead from the natural water supply and drainage engineers. We are doing more in the design of multi-project to determine the program should be to ensure that functions under the premise of the simplified system. According to systems engineering point of view, under the same conditions, the system more complex, the reliability lower.
        Simplicity is not a simple, simple is the result of the comparison of the synthesis and choice, and is the result of the carving of the fine. Pure and simple, rough sub-products. Winston Churchill was asked to prepare a five-minute speech; use long, the answer is a week and a half-hour speech, then? Must be ready two days, two-hour speech, Winston Churchill said, I can now speak. Churchill told the people in the simplicity inherent in what.
        In the design documents and drawings that method, do not learn from anti-Lu Xun's view, will never be able to pull into a sketch of the novel. Cumbersome, complex design documents and drawings of the enemy, where the information is not the more the better, useless information is information pollution. It takes up the designer's drawing time and energy, but also of the view of persons occupying brain space and people at the same time, the ability to absorb and digest the information is limited. Designers should be considerate for the user, can use the most simple lines and text to express the most abundant of outstanding engineers determine the design idea is one of the conditions. Let us strive to make the design documents and drawings more "clean" more.
        3, engineering, the concept of integration
        Integration is a concept of Gestalt psychology, a psychological sense of integration of people, thought and action are unified, there is no split schizophrenia and behavior.
        As a whole project is the result of the various professional collaborations and social division of labor dictates, there is no way. This is not the era of Leonardo da Vinci, when he was a people have done nothing. Are now able to monopolize the professional design of a man very few people, so we are determining the professional program, should always be thinking of projects as a whole. Some programs in the professional point of view looks better, but the impact on the project as a whole is not necessarily the case. The overall total for the project, we would rather optional for this profession to say that a slight disadvantage Quedui project as a whole a lot of good programs. Can be said that the higher a project the degree of professional collaboration, and the better its overall effect,. The art of cooperation and collaboration is essential for water supply and drainage engineer. Narrow-minded is a low-level performance, consider their own time, but also think about standing in someone else's position.
        4, a good sense of service
        Modern society is an interdependent society, others serve us, we are also for others, service quality high and low marks the level of civilization of a society, as designers, we serve in the Party, to serve the owners to provide them with an excellent service is our duty. Thus, in the design, we must understand their requirements and intentions in order to determine the programs in accordance with their legitimate aspirations and demands to determine our choice, which requires us to design not just before the collection of technical information, but also to fully listen to Party's opinions and demands and to satisfy as much as possible in the design of the. For the sake of putting ourselves in Party should be the designer's motto.
        5, independent way of thinking
        A market economy led to a drain of professional range of products continuously developed, and the market. Each new product launches, publicity person always likes to put it perfect, in fact, this world has never been perfect thing. The introduction of a new product that may solve the problems of the past, but may also derive other problems, we use prior to its strengths and weaknesses, and substitution of products to a comprehensive comparison, to make it into the system to compare. To see through the smoke under the commercial marketing of the substance, said outsiders should layman to say words and non-professionals within the lingo to distinguish, it is important to guard against insiders say layman words. Water supply and drainage engineer should be thinking about those who are mature, while the girls did not like the trendy thing right to become an epidemic if the mandarin duck.
        Of course, not to Sigubuhua. Important is aware of new things to have a keen edge, to see the real side of things. Here, for example, frequency conversion technology applied to water supply projects, less than 10 years, its advantage is that water came from a pump in the system in order to achieve energy-efficient low-speed operation results. Since the energy-saving, then use it, regardless of indiscriminate use, even general office building water supply system is also used to design such a system did not think about it, office buildings where nobody water for 10 hours, then pump is still transfer, albeit slow, so that the system begin to talk about energy conservation?
        6, simultaneous with the design idea of social development,
        A market economy to the state into the energy, the rapid changes in various fields, and our design ideas should also be timely adjustment.
        First, water supply and drainage works are public works, over the past school that was the Soviet model of planned economic system, because money is the state, and the country is poor and to the state to save a penny for each seems to have become all the designer's value orientation. Design a system that tightly Baba, it seems to save a one-time investment, but a slight change in the user, the system appears to be stretched, additional capacity is needed immediately, need to transform. In this way, a long-term perspective, but a waste of financial and material resources, consequent and reasonable system should be made Kuanyu some parameters, the system has strong ability to shock loads, such a system the price performance ratio is still high. As we all know, in the past set water standards are often low, and drainage systems, block must reduce the over-current cross section, In addition to the drainage system (if not a dedicated water supply and drainage works) in the entire project cost in the proportion of non - large, in order to increase the diameter on the 1st of money to spend is much higher than the benefits arising from its investment.
        Second, the emphasis on the role of the time. Time is money, which is the iron law of economic and social. For investors, you plan carefully designed for him than paying the money to save several of his early drawings, let him open early. In this way, he would prefer to waste some investments require you to speed. From the business point of view, a Party to meet the time requirements, but the design than the relatively coarse time delay due to careful planning designed to better meet the owner required. Although, from a technical point of view, judging different standards.
        Third, time-urgent does not mean a system can allow you to unreasonable design, time to tight to ensure the system's legitimacy, and most important, otherwise, why should we pay people to find your design? Tight schedule, the design can be rough some, but the details can only be rough, large samples may have a smaller figure out, in fact, concrete installation, on-site experienced plumber is more than the designers say. Designers should also be given opportunities to the talent who works for the designer to reduce the tedious labor, construction, were also made to display their abilities in a reasonable space, why not?
        Fourth, the attitude of the specification. National norms is the criteria for the design work, must be implemented. However, due to technological progress and social development, code revision cycle has long lagged behind some of the provisions of the actual project requirements, which requires designers to fully grasp the normative provisions of the development of a thorough background and boundary conditions, in order to work, both in the design to comply with norms have some flexibility. As long as reasonable design, system optimization, in the design can not rigidly adhere to the provisions of the individual.
        To sum up, a water supply and drainage engineers by the strict sense of modern design and open knowledge structure, simple and practical representation, engineering, integration, good service consciousness, independent thinking and and social development and synchronization aspects of composition. With a modern design-conscious design engineers come up with most of the best people. Availability of modern design consciousness, is to distinguish between a good engineer and a mediocre graphics maker important Criterion. As a water supply and drainage design into the member should pay attention to work and establish a sense of modern design with a view to come up with a better design. Above have been talking about, in order to Yikongzhijian, one of the words, biased at the inevitable, if caused by their colleagues interested in this proposition, this Zhuo Wen also achieved its purpose.