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Pay attention to technical economy comparisonwater pipe design

Pump power consumption by the pressure into a factory, apart from the pressure part of the service useful, the rest are water pumps and water pipes in the network and topographic height difference, this part of the energy of the pump accounts for the entire water supply system, a great part of the pump power, so In the planning and design flow rate should be very much attention to economic issues.
        So-called economic velocity is an investment and recurrent costs of and the most hours of flow velocity for the economy, while the corresponding pipe diameter shall be economic. So, the selection of the size of the diameter of pipes involves the size of the investment and consumption, infrastructure, high cost of large diameter, while electricity was provincial, small-diameter an investment, but the head loss large, high-lift pumps, and electricity, expensive. Therefore, the design in the past is controlled by economic flow to control. In order to more rational design of pipe network, we often carried out by computer adjustment of the pipe network in order to reduce energy consumption.
        As the economic development needs, require new or expanded water a lot. Apart from the new water plant design should take into account energy-saving measures that have been built water works should be modified according to the need for energy-saving. If we can in the water supply planning, design will be referred to the appropriate energy-saving emphasis, integrated trade-off, attach importance to energy saving, but also to the construction of energy-saving investments, then the potential for water saving will be considerable.