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Improve pump house combined efficiency

The design of energy-saving pump the critical issue of water in a tiny fraction of the power consumed in the transformation and distribution system, other than wear and tear, almost 97% of the pump motors consume at least. In theory each of 1000 tons / h brought to the height of one meter consumption is 2.72 degrees, but in fact due to motor, pump have the effect of pump operation with the process, the pipeline flow size, that is, with changes in head loss of . Efficient pump up to 92 - 95%, low-only 60-65%. The difference is 30%, per 1000 tons. M power consumption at 4.45 and 2.96 degrees float. To Huanxiling water, for example, its daily output to reach 10,000 cubic meters, if the average lifts of 60 meters, then the effect of different levels due to water pump, the annual difference of up to 35 million kWh of electricity consumption is huge. The average pump effect which can be increased by 10%, 115,000 a year could be provincial degrees, water larger, the greater the relative difference. Research shows the efficiency of pumping station design issues for a comprehensive energy-saving importance. In the pumping station design should pay attention to the following questions:
        1, to select high-efficiency water pump.
        2, pumps should be the size of matching, a reasonable mix.
        3 promote the use of frequency control pumps, saving energy.
        In recent years, widely used in frequency control pump at home and abroad, that is water under the pipe network changes automatically adjust pump speed to achieve energy savings results. Practice shows that the pumping station recurrent operating costs (mainly power costs) accounted for the cost of water 50% of water is even greater in order to reduce the cost of water system of water, in the new water plant design, not only take into account the size of pumps with reasonable and Frequency Control should be used to this new energy-saving technologies. For example, Huanxiling water in recent year’s widespread use of the frequency controls energy-saving technologies, although some of the funds to be invested. But the long energy-saving, cost can be recovered in the short term and achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of water. The plant saves electricity each year about 50 million, the increase in investment that is recovered within one year. Third, to reduce the energy consumption
        If you do not put a pump station pumps the energy included in the energy consumption of water is about 3.0-6.0 m, this part of the energy pumping due to the upper and lower magnitude larger difference should also be considered and as far as possible in the design reduced. The design of energy-saving water in general to consider mainly in the following two aspects:
        1, in the process selection, to compare the energy consumption
        now commonly used pumps before mixing or mixing of water and pipes. From the energy perspective, the use of pre-mixed pump more favorable, because basically do not need a dedicated energy devices.
        Precipitation process, from the energy point of view advection sedimentation tank with inclined tube sedimentation is the most appropriate manner, the current water Haikou m Shop is a project with cross-eyes control sedimentation tanks, two works are adopted advection sedimentation tank.
        Filter water purification equipment in the energy-hungry, the design shall be paid to energy conservation issues, mainly in the energy filter backwashing water, water from the water in most of the backwashing water is. For backwashing water energy, first to minimize backwash water consumption, and second, to minimize backwash head. Backwashing strength of the general design uses 15 liters / sec / m 2, if we consider the recoil strength of air-water flushing could be reduced to 8 liters / sec / m 2. For example: Shop Haikou m water project on the use of two air-water backwashing, advanced V-filter technology, and adopt the form of automatic control to achieve water and energy saving purposes. Reduce the volume of water backwash another way is to backwash water recovery.
        2, in the water plant layout to reduce energy consumption, we should pay attention
        Water plant layout in order to reduce its energy consumption is often taken to the following measures:
        ⑴ process layout as much as possible between the concentration;
        ⑵ if necessary, set up beyond the tube.
        When using a good quality reservoirs and water sources, general turbidity of the water at 5-7 ℃ below. Setting reaction, sedimentation tanks only when the use of high turbidity. Therefore, from the reaction to go to the filters set up an inter-beyond the channel, without a reaction when good water quality, sedimentation and filtration process using contacts, thereby reducing the reaction and the precipitation of head loss, reaching energy saving goals. For example: Haikou m shop there is seasonal water with low turbidity of the water by adding aluminum reactor produced precipitation can not be timely. If you set beyond the channel with access to filter, we can achieve energy saving purposes.