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Choose proper water supply system

The entire water supply system can be divided into water, water purification and water distribution of three sections. Water supply system planning and design, as it relates to the overall urban planning, hydrology, hydro-geology, topography and geology, water quality, as well as economic, technical, environmental and many other factors appear very complicated. In water supply systems, water and energy transmission and distribution of water in part of the total energy consumption of around 70-80%, so system optimization of the water supply project would have been vital. It could help demonstrate the use of energy analysis and selection of a reasonable water supply system.
        The energy supply system from the water pump and pump water to the flow and composition of the product and its head, and it directly reflects the size of energy consumption. In selecting water supply system, often encounter a compression or a secondary pressure, pump station and water plant location, the energy inside the pump station and water consumption, these problems can be by means of energy analysis program compared to elect the best water system plan.
        On one of the pressure or the secondary pressure, currently the company's water pumping stations and water transmission and distribution pumping stations are relatively close distance, so in the water are often used in a pressurized, so that significant savings 2 times the required pressure energy. If a pump station farther away from the water, but also after full argument in deciding whether, after the establishment of two pumping stations.