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Improve the awareness; commit responsibility; does environmental protection work well

As the state environmental protection law enforcement and environmental standards become increasingly stringent, the Group scale of production and the substantial increase in production capacity, as well as the acceleration of the urbanization process and people's increasing demands on the environment, our environment, under increasing pressure. Need to further increase understanding, strengthen confidence, adhere to the scientific concept of development, take the road of circular economy and achieve economic and environmental sustainability coordinated development. Sinopec is China's largest crude oil processing enterprises, and the largest petrochemical manufacturing enterprises, we are not only in production technology, product quality, etc. to keep leading in the coordination of environmental management and sustainable development, and it should also assume responsibility for leading the lead.
         1, leading cadres at all levels to fulfill environmental responsibilities, to carry out the environmental protection work.
         Environmental protection mainly by leaders attach importance to a number of environmentally advanced business achievements, there were not leaders at all levels attach great importance to the relevant departments together with the results. Leading cadres at all levels, particularly in the enterprise leading officials to unify their thinking to the party's request up to work and safe working environment equal treatment to seriously understand the general manager with the sea on "protection of the environment is a corporate code of conduct and compliance management issues" important instructions, and strengthen environmental management and pollution control, to keep up with the pace of development of production and operation to adapt to the situation of reform and development can not occur weakening phenomenon. To fulfill their duties, be aware of: seriously implement the responsibility system at all levels of environmental protection; to develop environmental planning and management of enterprises plan and implement the governance of funds; make sure that construction projects, environmental protection "three at the same time." Strictly-business and business-led environmental assessment, and urge enterprises to environmental protection.
         2, earnestly organize environmental status of the investigation, and earnestly do a pretty good idea.
         Security Environmental Protection Agency this year, organize relevant personnel to enterprises, in particular, the existence of prominent environmental problems of enterprises to conduct a comprehensive survey and assessment, evaluation, implementation of responsibility system, compared to recent years, changes in environmental indicators, objective assessment of the overall level of corporate environmental governance and put forward practical rectification views and demands. Fully grasp the company's environmental status, and resolve outstanding environmental issues.
         3, Improving the "three wastes" comprehensive utilization.
         "Three wastes" utilization is an important way to achieve circular economy is turning waste into treasure, an effective means of abatement efficiency, the state actively promoting this work, and the development of preferential policies to guide. The enterprises should make great efforts to do a good job under the "three wastes" comprehensive utilization, multi-directional opening up channels for comprehensive utilization of resources. In 2005 to straighten out the "three wastes" comprehensive utilization project, accounting channels, and strengthens the role of local authorities, the registration department communication.
         4, strengthen the environmental management of construction projects.
         Headquarters departments and enterprises should conscientiously implement the State has enacted the "Environmental Impact Assessment Law" and the environmental management of construction projects relating to the provisions of any environmental impact report without the approval of the project environmental protection department shall not start construction; in project implementation earnestly implement the environmental protection "three at the same time" and does not stay hidden environmental protection and in accordance with the project's size and status to do business "with a new band and old"; not happen again in violation of state construction projects, environmental management laws and regulations of the situation, one found dealt with severely.
         5, and enhance environmental protection technology development research for pollution control to provide strong technical support.
         Headquarters to organize relevant enterprises and scientific research, design units, for the current outstanding environmental problems to tackle the problems, to form China Petrochemical proprietary technology with independent intellectual property rights for pollution control to provide strong technical support to ensure that special funds to maximize the effectiveness of .