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Reinforce hidden trouble management; tamp the base of safety in production

From our current asset position, although we have to put a few hundred million every year, but mainly in new projects and renovation and expansion projects, cause the device to the new coefficient is not high, equipment, more debts, in particular electrical serious aging equipment, some of this should be extended out of the device is still running. Utility system is also more overdue, some companies continued expansion in the main unit in the transformation process, neglect of water, electricity, gas, wind and other public works systems and auxiliary production equipment supporting transformation in the last year, has been installed with high-load operation exposed. Equipment is the foundation and guarantee of safe production, equipment is not good, there are hidden dangers, and production safety can not be guaranteed. Headquarters has decided to give priority to funding the next two years, and strive to three years, the State explicitly eliminated completely resolved and the threat to the safety of electrical equipment. In addition to electrical at the same time to seriously consider other than what we have outstanding issues. To co-ordinate research and plan for the organization, within a few years on the basis of a higher level of safety. We should conscientiously implement the important instructions of Comrade with the sea, effectively doing the work of investigation and research to identify the key problems, according to the principle of priorities too, gradually resolved in batches, lay a solid security infrastructure, and gradually realize the nature of security.
         Speeding up the renovation and transformation equipment, and eliminate potential safety problems at the same time, we must also clearly understand that lowering the fee reduction, improving efficiency is the eternal theme of enterprises. Must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, strengthen the management of equipment, evaluation of the change of the exchange, the repair of the repair, the effective use of funds are needed most, to play a bigger role. That the device was not an update will be pushed all the problems with obsolete equipment, there are also not alarmist, as if we rely on safety in production equipment, facilities vulnerable, everywhere is the problem. In fact, from a one-year repair, a repair for two years to three years, a repair, Maoming Ethylene and even six years to achieve a repair, petrochemical enterprises are 100% load above significantly reduced unplanned downtime, which are Safe production is that we have some material basis. Except for a few due to utility system caused by unplanned downtime, we have the number of accidents are caused due to obsolete equipment, it? That because most of staff have illegal operations and weak sense of safety. "Lay a solid foundation," is one thing, but it is more urgent task is to "Enhancing Kung Fu Hustle."