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Social Responsibility

Reinforcing leaders’ responsibility is the key of putting serious managerial system into practice

"Perfect system" is to require that we according to the changed reality, especially in public, non-listed separately after the separation of the status quo, improve the timely amendment of the management system. Each enterprise should improve their own management system according to group management system timely so as to meet safety requirements.
         From the group of production safety situation, how to continue to implement the system remains the most prominent problem. The incident from our point of view, there are several accidents because there is no system that happen? Little. On the contrary mostly because there is no implementation of the system and the implementation of the system is not strictly caused by the implementation of the system is not the main reason is that a good part of the cadres and workers a sense of responsibility not in place.Everyone says, "a sense of responsibility is the responsibility of the Soul", "soul" is not, and how accountability can be really implemented? Many After the accident, the process of dealing with incidents, we have a lot of "if": If the first off always has, and the accident would not be out; if the second off always has, and the accident would not expand and so on, each The accident is always a 7,8 line of defense, the formal sense of responsibility is not in place due to the officers concerned in the management aspect, specific operating procedures are not the number of Road gateway always has only led to the accident.
         How to improve the cadres and workers a sense of responsibility? I think we still have to adhere to the "people-oriented" approach, from the mobilization of every one on his own initiative, cherish life, love the safety point of view, to carry out a "responsibility rests with me" security theme educational activities. Responsibility rests with me, from my start, from the safety committee members start with the principal leaders of the enterprise in charge of leading start to the various functional departments, the various teams and groups, post. Everyone all honesty, I should bear any responsibility for security? I fulfilled my responsibility for security? Out of an accident I dare say one should I be held responsible? Truly improve a sense of responsibility of all cadres and employees to improve everyone's safety awareness and reduce the construction site of the "three violations" phenomenon, in order to achieve "no harm to themselves, not to harm others, not hurt others", the maximum to avoid and reduce accidents occurred.
         In carrying out the theme of education, to raise public accountability is also necessary to carry out the safety accountability system, the implementation of accountability, which is to urge people to improve safety responsibility, the implementation of an important means of security responsibilities. Out of an accident must have a wish, why have an accident? Who should bear any responsibility? These will have to find out. This is not to deal with what comrades; in order to learn is to let everyone together to raise awareness, to prevent similar accidents.