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Social Responsibility

Being well aware of difficulties and responsibilities that present safety production work is facing with

First, is from the human factors analysis. Our employees are too optimistic currently. With the downsizing, which retreated, co-continuous in-depth solution, etc., a group of experienced management personnel, engineering and technical personnel, older workers out of the original positions. Young comrades up, and lack of experience, training has not kept pace, resulting in decline in practical skills. We trained a few years, more than ten years of technical backbone, by some foreign invested enterprises, private enterprises paid recruits away and our labor enterprises to employ workers, temporary workers, they tend to increase in the number of labor, mobility, and cultural qualities are not a lot higher problem, training is more difficult. Some workers faced with restructuring the question of diversion, ideological instability, a certain degree, the leading cadres dispersed production and operation of the work carried out satisfactorily and energy. Some workers do not understand the reform, to strengthen the management there is rebellious, a small number of cadres working method is simple, non-grass-roots level, will not do solid work, busy greeting sent, also created tensions between cadres and workers weak sense of ownership and responsibility Heart reduction, but also bound to affect the safety in production.
         Secondly is from the current management situation analysis. We are now the management of the slide. Although last year, we repeat the "three bases" work, lay a solid foundation and reiterated the "three-fourth of strict" and so on. But all these will not be finished by no means being able to do a good job overnight, and requires us to do long-term solid work. Think of a sudden substantial increase in grass-roots level of management, improve the professional quality of cadres and workers and safety awareness, is not very realistic. In particular, the need for restructuring and listing, a number of companies form a "one enterprise, two systems" and even "a multi-enterprise system" pattern, there listing of non-listed part of his responsibility is unclear, assessment is not in place such phenomena, but also increase the safety production work difficulty.
         Third, is from our present production facilities of the situation analysis. Can be said that now device "to eat the grass, out of the milk." Plate from the field of view, oil and gas production depends mainly on the further improvement is difficult to use reserves, high-cost exploration and development wells; from refining plate of view, the further deterioration of raw materials, high-sulfur, heavy crude oil processing and increasing the proportion of , and refineries will further exacerbate the contradiction between adaptation, pollution control facilities, lack of supporting capacity of congenital gradually exposed, while the product quality and environmental requirements are getting higher and higher. Equipment, there are many problems, especially in some old electrical equipment, has constituted the production device "-an, steady, long, full of" Run of the threat; from selling blocks of view, the depot level of equipment and the sales volume of refined oil does not match the fast increasing contradictions have become increasingly prominent. These have increased the difficulty of the work safety in production.
         Fourth, is from the current analysis of the social environment. The CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to safety and environmental protection, higher and higher requirements. State departments of environmental protection supervision and management of security is also growing, the whole of society has reached a consensus to strengthen safety and environmental protection, safety and environmental protection work of the people of the increasingly high expectations, "responsibility is extremely heavy" Let each of us felt the shoulders, how arduous task. Especially for Sinopec, we are one of the country's main economic pillars, give us a few more than 100 billion of assets to manage, to ensure that these assets from the losses, but also ensure that increasing the value of these assets. These have determined that safety and environmental protection is difficult, pressure, heavy duty.