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Social Responsibility

Work Safety Assurance of producing factory 2

the 25th production, stockpiling, use highly toxic chemicals unit should be within the period stipulated by the state, entrusted with the safety evaluation of qualified intermediary services for the production, storage device safety evaluation by the agency issued safety evaluation report.
        Safety evaluation report should be production, storage devices exist in real danger and problems, propose appropriate safety measures and rectification program.
        Production and business units of the security evaluation report shall be promptly reported production safety supervision departments for the record.
        26th of production and business units shall take the following major hazards control measures:
(A) Establishment of operation and management of files, right operation for the entire monitoring;
(B) on a regular basis right facilities, equipment testing, inspection;
(C) conduct regular safety evaluation;
(Iv) periodic inspection of major hazard for safety;
(E) develop emergency rescue plan, with periodic, emergency rescue drills.
        Production and business units can be entrusted with the safety evaluation of qualified intermediary services on major hazard detection and safety assessment, and put forward a sound control measures.
        Production and business units shall at least once every six months to the safety production supervision, public security authorities reported the source of major hazard control measures implementation.
        27th of production and business units blasting, large-scale equipment (components) hoisting or other dangerous operations, it shall identify a contact person on-site construction of the unified command, there is a full-time safety management personnel on-site safety inspection and supervision by qualified professional unit construction. Entrusted to other units in a professional qualified to perform construction work, it should be signed and construction safety management agreement parties. Safety Production Management agreement should define their own safety responsibilities.
        Production and business units or accept the commission's construction unit should be established before operation in a dangerous explosion, large-scale equipment (component) hoisting construction programs and security measures and set the job site's secure area.
        engaged in blasting, large-scale equipment (components) hoisting and other dangerous operations, the operating personnel should be subject to the site of the unified command and scheduling, and strict compliance with operational programs, operating procedures and safety precautions.
        28th production business units rented factory premises to other units engaged in production and business activities, and its rented factory premises should have the basic safety production conditions. The two sides should sign a rental safety management agreement.
        Lessee by the lesser should be engaged in the identification of production and operation scope, coordination, and management of multiple single units in the same area the safety of production. Found to have safety violations lessee, it shall promptly discouraged to the location of production safety supervision departments and report to appropriate authorities.
        Lessee should strictly abide by safety laws and regulations, with appropriate qualifications and conditions for safe production, and subject to the lesser for its safety in production of a unified coordination, management. Work safety accident occurs, shall immediately report the location of production safety truthfully regulatory authorities and departments concerned.
        29th production business units must provide employees comply with national standards or industry standards of labor protection supplies, and education, urging employees to wear and use. Production and business units may be substituted for cash or other labor protection provision of supplies. Production and business units in the purchase of labor protection articles, it should obtain a copy of product testing certification, and archiving.
        30th of safety management agency or the safety management personnel should be in accordance with the characteristics of production and operation unit’s regular safety inspections on a regular basis professional safety inspection and comprehensive safety inspection. Safety management personnel should examine potential causes of accidents found in the views of timely processing, tracking potential accidents in the rectification of the record.
        Production and business units should examine potential causes of accidents found in the formulation rectification plan specifically responsible, and implement corrective measures.
        The 31st high-risk industries, greater risk industries, and rail transportation and other production management units shall, according to the relevant provisions of the State to develop plans for emergency rescue, emergency rescue organization, equipped with emergency rescue equipment.
        Production and business units include emergency rescue plan for emergency rescue organizations and their responsibilities, emergency start procedures, emergency measures program, emergency rescue organizations, training and regular exercises, and emergency rescue equipment and equipment reserves and secure financing.