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Shanghai Safety Producing Rules Profile

The first order to strengthen the city safe production supervision and management of production safety to prevent and reduce accidents, to protect people's lives and property safety, and promoting economic development and social stability, according to "Safety Production Law of The People's Republic of China" and other laws and administrative regulations, combined with the actual situation in the city regulations are formulated.
         Article II of the Ordinance applies to the city administrative area production and business units and related safety production supervision and management activities. Relevant laws and regulations on fire, road traffic, railway transport, water transport, civil aviation, as well as prevention of occupational diseases, dangerous chemicals, special equipment, construction, engineering, production safety as otherwise provided, the application of its provisions.
         Third production safety management, and insist on safety first, prevention-oriented approach.
         Safety unified leadership of the government-department supervision according to law, the unit has overall responsibility for the masses participate in the monitoring, extensive support in the work.
         To establish and perfect the city safe production responsibility system at various levels.
         Article IV of production safety should be people-oriented employees to enjoy equal rights of safety in production.
         Article governments at all levels should establish and improve the production safety monitoring system, and production safety work into the national economic and social development plans.
         Article VI of production safety supervision and management department of Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as municipal safety production supervision) in accordance with laws and regulations on the implementation of the integrated city work safety supervision and management, guidance, coordination and supervision of production safety supervision and management responsibility of other departments functions ( hereinafter referred to as departments) to perform safety production supervision and management responsibilities.
         District and county safety production supervision and management departments (hereinafter referred to as district and county safety production supervision) is responsible for the administrative regions of production safety supervision and management of an integrated, business acceptance of City safety production supervision guidance.
         Relevant departments in their respective areas of responsibility according to law, do a good job on safety supervision and management.
         Article VII of the township people's governments and district offices by the district and county delegate safety regulatory authorities to help check the production and business units within their administrative work safety conditions, reporting, and assist in production safety accidents, handle other matters entrusted .
         Article VIII, according to trade union organizations at all levels of employees to participate in the democratic unit of work safety management, the implementation of this unit safety laws and regulations, carry out democratic supervision according to law, to participate in accident investigation, maintenance employees in the safe production of the legitimate rights and interests.
         Article IX newspapers, radio, television, Internet and other units should carry out safety publicity and education, in the whole society to form an atmosphere of safety, and safety violations to supervision by public opinion.