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Party Member

Party building garden

■ party constitution
The communist party constitution of China
     ■ joining party condition
According to the party member standard to strict demands on themselves
The constitution strictly fulfill the joining procedure that classified by party constitution.
Correct motive of joining party
     ■ membership counseling
The basic writing method of application
When the developed object need to write “the Chinese communist party application"
What means to fulfill when joining party – and the basic writing method
Thought-report writing method
Probation passed application guideline
     ■ membership materials
1.mind the lofty ideal of communism, execute party's current basic line and guidelines and policies
2.The sincerity to seek benefit for people, hardship before pleasure marxist theory hardly, master the work of knowledge and skills
4.observe the national party discipline, resolutely oppose the behavior that is harmful for state and people