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Petrochemical giant April 5 increase in super-profits of 27.1 billion into the four

China Petroleum (13.03, -0.14, -1.06%) and Chemical Industry Association, the latest data show that in April CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem of China, Shaanxi, the five companies to extend the total profits of 27.142 billion yuan, up 44.8% . Among them, the profits of Sinopec Group, in April compared with an increase of 48.4%, Central.
        Accumulated profits of 73.7 billion before the April
        The report shows that in April the main business income of the five oil companies combined 207.72 billion yuan, down 28%. Cumulative profit from January to April amounted to 73.744 billion yuan, down 9.5%; main business revenue amounted to 742.52 billion yuan, down 29.5%.
        Oil refining industry, started in April was about 79%, crude oil processing volume of 29.427 million tons, up 6%, more than in March continued to rise; output of oil products (gas, coal, diesel combined) 17.466 million tons, up 6.7% , but still declined more than in March. Total crude oil processing volume from January to April fell 1.8%, refined oil output unchanged from a year earlier.
        Sales of refined oil inventories dropped by
        April sales of oil products continued to chain growth, chain inventories continued to decline. According to relevant statistics, the month the national oil reached 17.341 million tons sold a record high this year, growth of 5.2%, of which diesel sales sequentially grew 7.4%, gasoline sales sequentially grew by 6.6%.
        The end of the four national oil inventories were down 15.4%, of which diesel inventories were down 21.6%; gasoline inventories were down 5.3%.
        Market Information Department, deputy director of the Association to accept the China Securities newspaper reporters, said: "It is difficult to determine whether the two companies have the number of apparent consumption volume is transferred to the distribution companies, the number of links to the retail."
        April crude oil prices continue to rise, WTI and the average price of Brent North Sea light crude oil were up 5.33 U.S. dollars a barrel in the previous month and 6.05 U.S. dollars; China's Daqing crude oil prices last month rose 6.21 U.S. dollars / barrel. The year in anticipation of lower oil prices, the oil has reduced annual crude oil production plans.
        Oil prices rebound to the upstream exploration and mining output reasons. Data show that in April the country's crude oil output 15.594 million tons, an increase of 0.8%, but the ring than in March of 15.823 million tons still have reduced; 6.88 billion cubic meters of natural gas production, an increase of 6.9%, compared with 7.35 billion cubic meters are in March The lower. January-April total, the country's crude oil production fell 0.9%; natural gas output rose 7.4%.
        Qi Cheng prices continue upward trend
        As of the end of April, oil and petrochemical industry-wide gross output value of 502.94 billion yuan, down 8.4%, growth of 1%. Total output value from January to April total of 1.76968 trillion yuan, down 12.4%; sales volume fell 13 percent, a decline in the second quarter than those from January to March.
        The latest statistics show that in April the focus to track the association of 62 species (class) petroleum and chemical products, production growth and flat year on year, about 68%, the basic continuation of the upward trend in March.
        Among them, output of chemical fertilizers and pesticides increased by 10.5% and 14.1%; tire production has also significantly accelerated, an increase of 13.7%, the highest since September last year rate of increase; synthetic rubber output up 28.9%; synthetic polymer production increased by 12 %; ethylene production basically flat with a year earlier; soda ash rose 5.3% growth for the first time this year.
        But the export situation is still grim. April export delivery value of the whole industry fell 23.2%, decline in the trend of expansion. January-April total export delivery value fell 24.3%. Over the same period, export delivery value of the chemical industry fell 23.5%.