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Longwan valve defense and military technology, the successful docking

In recent days, military and civilian scientific and technological cooperation Xichuan docking of the General Assembly concluded in Chengdu. Zhejiang and Sichuan signed 22 projects, up to 267 million co-investments. Region CATHAYA Beam Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Special Pneumatic Valve Co., Ltd., 6 sets of enterprises and local research institutes to carry out techno-economic Session docking activities; I collected to the 25 district technology needs of projects docking site appearance. Among them, CATHAYA Beam Valve Co., Ltd. and China Nuclear Power Institute make a successful conclusion of "nuclear safety valve, globe valve functional test" contract.
        It is understood that nuclear safety for nuclear power plants Valves must be the first U.S. ASME Nuclear Power Plant Construction Volume Ⅲ criteria security analysis and, ultimately, the nuclear power plant according to ASME B16.41 dynamic power operated valve function identification requirements, ASME N278.1 to sealing performance evaluation, the valve in the earthquake response analysis confirmed that the circumstances the reliability of the valve, the only way to enter the nuclear power plant valve market. Currently we only Tsinghua University and China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute has experimental conditions, and the latter is the only nuclear power station Research and Design Institute, with authority, impartiality. Nuclear power plant with the nuclear safety level, the seismic valve is a valve in the highest international level, can be successfully developed nuclear safety grade valves products not only represent a business design and development capability, manufacturing capacity and quality assurance capabilities, but will also prove that the comprehensive capacity of a region, but will also prove that the comprehensive scientific and technological strength of a region.
        It is understood that the valve industry in our region there are nearly 2,000, most enterprises there is a serious lack of innovation capacity, product technology content is not high, corporate brand awareness is not strong, operating under the level of issues such as extensive production and management are mostly obstruct I have a follow-up valve industry development zone. In response to the financial crisis, our region has 18 valves companies are to find solutions, integration and restructuring the Group of National Cheng Kung University and is prepared to formally establish in May. Group to absorb these 18 enterprises are growing line of business Longwan District, of which foreign trade export enterprises 8. The newly established group could be absorbed into the 18 companies in the products, technology, equipment and other capital in the form of integration, form a complete industrial chain, the Group of GDP can be expected to break through 20 billion.
        According to the valve industry professionals, development of nuclear power plants Nuclear Safety Valves Wenzhou to do fine and stronger valve industry must follow this path, nuclear power plants domestically produced nuclear safety level of the valve to provide protection into national economic security. As a leader in valve industry longwan ----- CATHAYA el Valve Co., Ltd. and China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute signed a "nuclear safety a valve, globe valve functional test" contract for the valve into the corporate restructuring group tonic.