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Energy-saving is the development direction control valve

The development direction of the main control valve for the intelligent, standardization, precision small-based, spin-based and safety-oriented.
        (1) The intelligent and standardized. The intelligent and standardized control valve has already been mentioned on the agenda. Intelligent main use of smart valve positioner. Intelligence-based performance in the following areas.
        ① Regulating valve self-diagnosis, run the state's long-range communications, intelligence, enabling management to facilitate control valve, fault diagnosis easier, but also reduces the need for maintenance personnel skill requirements.
        ② reduce product type, to simplify production processes. Use of smart valve positioner not only can easily change the control valve flow characteristics, but also can improve the control of the quality control system. Therefore, the control valve flow characteristic to simplify and standardize the requirements (for example, only the linear characteristics of the production control valve) o intelligent function modules used to achieve the matching with the characteristics of controlled object, so that control valve types and varieties of products greatly reduced, so that regulating valve manufacturing process is simplified, and in the production and market-tested and recognized.
        ③ Digital communications. Digital communications will be widely used in the control valve in order to HART communication protocol based on a number of control valve positioner input signal and valve position signal to achieve the same transmission line; with field bus technology, control valve and the valve Door positioner, PID control function blocks integrated, so that control functions at the field level to achieve, so that risk of dispersion, so that control of more timely and more rapid.
        ④ Intelligent valve positioner. Smart Valve Positioner with all the features of the valve positioner, control valve at the same time improve the dynamic and static characteristics, improve the control precision control valve, therefore, intelligent valve positioner in the next period of time become an important control valve Auxiliary equipment is widely used. Control valve shown in the following areas of standardization.
        ① In order to achieve interoperability, so that the same size and specifications of different manufacturers control valve can be reversed, so that users do not have for the selection of the manufacturer and spend a lot of time.
        ② In order to achieve interoperability of different manufacturers should be able to control valve products with other manufacturers to work together, the signal does not occur or does not match the impedance mismatch and so on.
        ③ standardized diagnostic software and other assistive software, so that different manufacturers running regulating valve can be diagnostic, running the data analysis.
        ④ standardized selection process. Control Valve Selection Controls designers are still very concerned about the issue, using a standardized computer program, according to data provided technology, able to correctly calculate the required control valve flow coefficient to determine the distribution pipes and use the appropriate valve body, spool and valve within the pieces of material, so that standardization of the design process to improve design quality.
        (2) Refined minimization. In order to reduce valve weight, easy to transport, installation and maintenance, control valve of the somniferous have adopted the following measures.
        ① used over a small executive body. The use of lightweight materials, using multiple sets of springs replaced a group of springs, lower height of the implementing agencies, usually, fine film executive body composed of a small pneumatic control valve compared with the same type of pneumatic membrane composed of the implementing agencies regulating valve height should be reduced by about 30%, weight reduced by about 30%, while the flow capacity can be increased by about 30%.
        ② change the flow path structure. For example, movement of spool to change the seat of the movement would be a straight line to change the angular displacement, so that valve size smaller weight.
        ③ The Electric implementing agencies. Can not only reduce the use of pneumatic actuator gas source required for devices and auxiliary equipment, can also reduce the weight of the implementing agencies. For example, Fisher's 9000 series electric actuator, its height is less than 20 types of 330mm, so that the whole valve (with digital controller and implementing agencies) the quality down to 20 ~ 32kg.
        (3) rotation of classes due to the rotation control valve, such as the ball and so on, has a relatively smaller, a smaller flow path resistance, adjustable relatively large, seal better, aiming to halt the performance is better, the advantages of a larger flow capacity Therefore, new varieties in the control valve, the rotary valves increase the proportion. In particular, large-diameter pipe, commonly used ball valve, butterfly valve type, etc., from abroad in recent years, the products of view, the proportion of rotary valve applications are year to year.
        (4) Security-based instrument control system security has already received attention, safety instrumented system (SIS) of the control valve requirements have become more sophisticated, manifested in the following aspects.
        ① control valve fault information on the diagnosis and management of requirements to improve not only the fault of the regulating valve after the occurrence of passive maintenance, but also to carry out preventive maintenance before the failure occurred and the predictability of maintenance. Therefore, the composition of the relevant control valve components statistics and analysis, timely maintenance suggestions become more important.
        ② used for emergency shutdown system or safety of the control valve interlock system, produce timely, reliable and secure movement requirements. Ensure that the regulating valve can be responsive and accurate.
        ③ Dangerous places used for the adjustment valve should be simplified certification procedures. For example, intrinsically safe local site applications, instruments, simplified for the introduction of FISCO local site intrinsically safe concept, so that the product safety certification of this process is simplified.
        ④ with other on-site security instrument similar to the control valve safety, explosion-proof technology can be used \ fire prevention technology, increased safety technology, the security technology, non-spark technology; right local site instruments, the concept can be applied to entities , the security concept, FISCO concept and non-flammable (FINCO) concepts as such.
        (5) Energy conservation to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency is a development direction control valve. Mainly attributed to the following direction of development.
        ① Low-pressure drop than the control valve. So that control valve pressure drop across the system to reduce the proportion accounted for, thus reducing energy consumption, therefore, the design of low dropout regulator valve is more than one direction; the other direction is the use of low-impedance control valve, such as the use of butterfly valves, Eccentric rotary valve.
        ② The Self-regulating valve. For example, the direct use of the medium pressure valve after the composition of self-control system, using the medium energy charged after the pressure control valve to achieve.
        ③ The actuator control valve. Pneumatic actuator control valve operation in the whole process needs to have a certain degree of pressure, although the consumption of a small amplifier can be used, but the cumulative, gas consumption is still huge. With electric actuator, changing the valve opening, you need to supply, in the opening degrees to achieve the required power can not, therefore, from the energy perspective, electric actuator pneumatic actuator than the obvious energy saving advantages.
        ④ using piezoelectric valve. Intelligent electric valve positioner in the use of piezoelectric control valve, only when the output signal increases when the consumption of gas supply.
        ⑤ using a balanced structure, with a spool, reducing thrust, or push the moment of the implementing agencies, reduce the first gas chamber membrane, reducing energy needs.
        ⑥ Use of frequency control technology instead of regulating valve. The ratio of high-pressure drop applications, if the energy consumption of large, frequency control technology can be used, using frequency converter to change the operation of equipment, speed, lower energy consumption.
        (6) The protection of the environment pollution has become a public nuisance, pollution control valve on the main control valve regulating valve noise and leakage. Among them, control valve noise pollution of the environment is very serious.
        ① regulating valve is to reduce noise. Development of a variety of control valve noise reduction methods includes flow path from the control valve design to the pieces design, from the noise source analysis to reduce the noise measures. Are mainly designed to control valve noise and noise control valve inner parts; reasonable distribution of pressure drop, the use of external noise reduction measures, such as increased isolation, with muffler and so on.
        ② regulating valve is to reduce air pollution. The air pollution control valve means the valve of the "Run", "risk", "drop", "leakage", which not only caused a leakage of waste materials or products, but also on the atmospheric environment pollution, and sometimes even resulting in the injuries or equipment accidents and explosions. Therefore, the development of valve packing structure and packing type, the development control valve sealing valve in the future will be an important research topic.
        Computer science, control theory and automation instrumentation and other high-tech science and technology development has contributed to the development of control valve, for example, local site control valve and intelligent valve positioner of the research and development, digital communications be realized in regulating valve. Regulating valve also contributed to the development of other scientific and technological development, for example, anti-corrosion materials, research on methods to weaken and reduce the noise study on the fluid dynamics research. With the development of local site technology, regulating valve will be open, intelligent, and more reliable, it will work with other industrial automation instrumentation and computer control devices, together with the industrial production process control functions better and control of higher accuracy, control the effect is more obvious, and for China's modernization drive to play a more important role.