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Equipment Office of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology holds basic parts discussion meeting

May 22, 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division for the equipment industry held in Hangzhou-based parts and components industry forum to examine the implementation of "equipment manufacturing restructuring and revitalization plan" submitted to the promotion of basic components on the task of development of the industry requirements and specific measures, China General Machine Components Industry Association, China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, China Bearing Industry Association, as well as more than 30 component manufacturers and users based representative of the unit attended the meeting.
        Dong, deputy director of the Division equipment industry made a speech at the meeting, pointing out that: basic parts and components industry, basic industries sector is to improve the level of basic parts and components industry, the adjustment of the equipment manufacturing industry has an important role in the revitalization. The current industry-wide distribution of scattered, small scale, the problem of low technological level, as a direct result of many of our hosts and major equipment performance is low, inconsistent quality, reliability and poor, life is short, less competitive. For the industry is currently the outstanding issues, "the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan," clearly, we should focus on developing high-power electric and electronic components, functional modules, large-scale, precision bearings, precision gears, high strength fasteners, high pressure piston pump / motor, hydraulic valves, hydraulic electronic controller, hydraulic gearbox, pneumatic components, bearings sealing systems, rubber and plastic seals and so on. Secretary for the equipment industry and carry out the revitalization plan is currently being made in the tasks, research and development of increased technological transformation efforts and to promote enterprise independent innovation, encourage enterprises through mergers and acquisitions a number of measures to accelerate the development of the industry-based parts.
        Delegates from the companies presented their business development, and development of the industry on the basis of parts and components put forward many good proposals are: First, all countries should further increase the basis of parts and components industry, support for independent innovation to support and guide enterprises to independent research and development and social investment; second is to establish national research and development of common technology platform, improve the technological innovation system, promote scientific and technological achievements; Third is the coordination of the user units and manufacturing units to jointly promote the advanced technology and high-end products development work; 4 is included to encourage the first major infrastructure components (sets) the scope of product applications; five basic components to increase the export tax rebate rate, while the domestic production capacity, already have critical infrastructure components, no longer enjoy duty-free imports policy.