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Pump & Valve Academy holds Yongjia casting industry discussion meeting

May 26, 2009 afternoon, the Institute of Science and Technology Building at the fifth floor conference room Yongjia hosted a forum Yongjia County foundry industry. Yongjia County Technology, the Secretary Fuchao Zong, Casting Association, honorary president of the Qu Jian Yin, consultants Li Zhi, valves, secretary general Wang Hanzhou, vice president of the Institute for Wu Zai-xin, the consultant DU Zhao-year and the foundry industry entrepreneurs in Yongjia County, more than 20 people attended the meeting , the meeting presided over by Professor Du Zhaonian.
        At the meeting, Professor Du Zhaonian On behalf of the Research Institute of the former industry colleagues to participate in the meeting expressed a warm welcome and hope that all entrepreneurs on the current course of business in development of technology, capital, talent, markets, land policy, etc. the problems encountered speak freely. Li Zhi consultants on behalf of Yongjia casting industry made a statement. He mentioned: Yongjia foundry industry has nearly a hundred manufacturing companies, the annual output value of 1.25 billion, to meet the local valve, machinery and other production enterprises of the demand, the products have been sold at home and abroad. But in recent years, enterprises face the restructuring of production, land resource constraints, increased production costs, labor and employment reform of the system increases, enterprise development difficult, especially since 2008, in the international financial crisis, businesses badly damaged, some enterprises may not "cut jobs," industry's annual output fell 16%.
        To all entrepreneurs and also the enterprises in the energy-saving emission reduction, cost control, technical innovation problems encountered in the process made a statement and hoped that Institute in the technical, management, and to in support.
        Finally, the Secretary-General Wang Hanzhou casting products our customer’s identity and all entrepreneurs on the quality of the product, model, as well as domestic and international market demand are discussed and hope that casting, valve industry and support each other in close touch with common development.