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CPC Part History

1. Chinese Communist Party's nature and goals for that?
         The nature of the Chinese Communist Party is the vanguard of the working class, the interests of all the Chinese people attach importance to representatives of the leading core of China's socialist cause. The party's ultimate goal is to realize communism's social system.
         2. The Chinese Communist Party's fundamental purpose is what?
         The Chinese Communist Party's fundamental purpose is to serve the people wholeheartedly. In addition to the overwhelming majority of the party's working class and the interests of the people without their own special interests. Party at any time, regard the people's interests first, share weal and woe with the masses and maintain the closest ties do not allow any party from the masses, and above the above the masses.
         3. The Chinese Communist Party's guide to action for that?
         The party from its inception date of establishment of Marxism-Leninism as its guiding ideology. After the Zunyi Conference and the Yan'an Rectification Movement, the party's seven again the theory of Marxism-Leninism with the practice of the Chinese revolution of unified thinking - Mao Zedong Thought, established as the Party's guiding ideology. This is a summary of its founding 24 years of experience in the historic decision to make. Now, the party's Third Plenum of the 15 large and 12 large, 13 large, in particular, on the basis of 14 large, but also in the constitution of the Deng Xiaoping Theory was established as the Party's guiding ideology. This is our party after nearly 20 years of reform and opening up and socialist modernization drive successful practice of the historic decision to make another one. Make this decision, indicating that the central leadership collective and the party by Deng Xiaoping initiated the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new century, the determination and conviction, but also reflects the consensus and aspiration of people across the country. In contemporary China, Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory is the same strain of the scientific system. Therefore, the Constitution clearly stipulates: Communist Party of China takes Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory as its guide to action.
         4. Mao Zedong Thought, the scientific meaning of that?
         Comrade Mao Zedong as their chief representative of the Chinese Communists, the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete practice of the Chinese revolution together, created Mao Zedong Thought. Mao Zedong Thought is Marxism-Leninism applied and developed in China, is proven by practice on the Chinese revolution and construction of the theoretical principles and lessons learned, is a crystallization of collective wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party.
         5. Deng Xiaoping Theory, the scientific meaning of that?
         Since the Third Plenum of the Eleventh, with Comrade Deng Xiaoping as the main representative of the Chinese Communists, since the founding of summing up both positive and negative experiences, emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts and realize the Party's work centers to shift economic construction, reform and opening up, open up a new period of development of the socialist cause, and gradually formed a building socialism with Chinese characteristics from the line, principles and policies set out to build socialism in China, consolidating and developing socialism, the basic problems, the creation of the Deng Xiaoping Theory. Deng Xiaoping Theory is the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism with the practice of contemporary China and the product of combining characteristics of the times of Mao Zedong Thought under new historical conditions, the inheritance and development of Marxism in China's development of a new stage of Marxism in contemporary China ism, is a crystallization of collective wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party, and guide the continuous advance of China's socialist modernization drive.
         6. Comrade Jiang Zemin's "three represents" important thinking of what are the contents?
         February 21, 2000 to 25, with Comrade Jiang Zemin during his inspection tour in Guangdong, stressed: "If we were to become China's advanced social productive forces, the development requirements of China's advanced culture, the way forward, the Chinese people's fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the attention on behalf of our party will always be invincible, always get the wholehearted support of people of all nationalities and lead the people forward. "
         7. "Three favorables" what are the contents?
         We must all work to help the development of the productive forces of socialist society is conducive to enhancing the overall strength of socialist countries, helping improve people's living standards, as a general starting point and test.
         8. What is the party's "three styles"?
         The party's "three styles" In essence, the party's long struggle in the formation of theory with practice, forging close ties with the masses, the fine style of criticism and self-criticism, an appropriate embodiment of the nature and purpose, we must combine new practice in the Party flourish.
         9. What is the party's "three magic weapons"?
         The party's "three magic weapons" is a new-democratic revolution, Comrade Mao Zedong's China experience in highly summarized, he pointed out: We are made up of many valuable experiences, "a disciplined by the Marxist-Leninist theory of armed to take self-criticism approach, contact the people's party. a party led by such forces. a party led by such classes of all the revolutionary united front of all the revolutionary factions. This is our three main weapons against the enemy. These are our different from their predecessors. to rely on these three, is the victory we have achieved a basic. """ United front, armed struggle, the party's building, the Chinese Communist Party in China's revolution to defeat the enemy of the three magic weapons, magic weapon for three main.”
         10. Strengthening the Party's ideological construction advocated by the "four kinds of culture" mean?
         To conscientiously study the culture of democratic discussion culture, and actively explore the culture of truth-seeking and pragmatic in our community.
         11. Time maintaining the advanced nature of party members What are the requirements?
         In the new historical conditions, to maintain the advanced nature of party members, to reflect the requirements of the times, to: mind the lofty ideal of communism, on behalf of the party and the country at the present stage with the implementation of policies, the courage to open up, proactive, not afraid of difficulties, are not afraid of setbacks; sincerely work for the people's interests, suffer first, enjoy later, exercise restraint and abide, make greater contributions; diligently study of Marxist theory, enhance the ability to distinguish right from wrong, master do their jobs the knowledge and skills, and strive to create first-class performance; at critical moments to come forward to safeguard the national and people's interests, and resolutely against people, against society, against the conduct of States to combat it.
         12. The "three stresses" education, what are the contents?
         The "three stresses" the content of education is to build "learning, politics, and righteousness." "Will learn" is to grasp the scientific system of Deng Xiaoping Theory and spiritual essence, in the use of theory to solve practical problems and work hard. "Talk politics" is to comprehensively, correctly and actively implement the Party's basic line and various principles and increased volumes, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency efforts. "Uprightness", that is to stress the party spirit and principle, impartiality and outspoken and A, as its word, rousing aspects.
         13. Apply to join the Communist Party of China's basic conditions for that?
         At least 18 years old Chinese workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and other revolutionary elements, recognize the party's program and Constitution, willing to participate in the party in which an organization and work actively to implement the Party's resolutions and pay membership dues on time, they can apply to join the Communist Party of China.
         14. Party members must fulfill those obligations?
         (A) to conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, study the Party's line, principles, policies and resolutions of the Party's basic knowledge of learning, learning science, culture and professional knowledge, and strive to improve their ability to serve the people.
         (B) implement the Party's basic line and various principles, policies, and take a lead in reform, opening up and socialist modernization drive and lead the masses for economic development and social progress, hard work, in production, work, study and social life play an exemplary vanguard effect.
         (C) Adhere to the party and the people's interests above all else, personal interests are subordinate to the party and the interests of the people suffer first, enjoy later, exercise restraint and abide and make greater contributions. (D) Consciously abide by party discipline and state laws, strictly secret the Conservative Party and the State to implement the party's decision, subject to organizational assignments, the positive conclusion of the party's mandate.
         (E) to safeguard the party's solidarity and unity of the party loyal honest, match words with deeds, firmly oppose all factions, organizations and small group activities, against the sham of the two-faced behavior and all schemes and intrigues.
         (Vi) Effectively carrying out criticism and self-criticism, for the work to expose and correct shortcomings and mistakes, and resolutely fight against negative and corrupt phenomena. (Vii) in close contact with the masses, the masses of the party's views, so consult the masses, the masses in time to the party to reflect the opinions and demands, safeguard their legitimate interests.
         (Viii) promote socialist new trend, promote communist ethics, in order to protect the country and the people's interests, in all difficult and dangerous time to stand up, heroic struggles and sacrifices.
         15. What are the rights of Party members to enjoy?
         (A) to participate in the party's relevant meetings, read relevant Party documents, to accept the party's education and training.
         (B) in the party meetings and in Party newspapers and journals, the participants on the party's policy issues.
         (C) the work of the Party to make recommendations and initiatives. (D) in the party's conference has been made under the criticism of any organization and any party members, revealed quite a responsible and arduous party members of any organization and any illegal chaos fact, demanding to punish irregularities party members, demanding the ouster to replace the fire or incompetent cadres.
         (E) the exercise of the right to vote, the right to vote by the elected.
         (Vi) in the party to discuss and decide on disciplinary action against party members to make identification of Hu when I defend the right to participate and carry out other party members for him to testify and the defense.
         (Vii) the Party's resolutions and policies in case of disagreement, the firm implementation of the premise, it can be declared reservations, and can put their views to Party organizations at higher levels until the Central Committee.
         (Viii) To the Party organizations at higher levels until the central government requests, complaints and complaints, and requested relevant organizations to give a responsible reply. Any party and the organization until the central authorities have the right to deprive the rights of members of the above-mentioned
         16. What is the party's organizational life? The party's organizational life is an important form of party members the education, management, and. It mainly relies on branch and group activities. The main form by members of the General Assembly, branch committees, party groups will, party members and leading cadres of democratic life, as well as lectures, democratic evaluation of party members, party members and party organizations such as the advanced selection.
         17. What is "three will be a lesson"
         "Three would be a lesson" means: members of the General Assembly meet regularly to branches, branch committees, party groups will be on time Shanghao lectures. "Three would be a lesson" is a branch of the party's grass-roots system of a long stick to the important, but also improve the party's organizational life, strict party management, and strengthening the system of party members the importance of education.
         18. Party members work in the development of guidelines for that?
         Adhering to standards, ensuring quality, improving the structure, and prudently.
        19. To join the party introducer possibility of the development of the object itself engagements?
         "Chinese Communist Party's Working Party Rules (Trial)" states: application to join the party who want to do introducer by two full Party members. Introducer contacts to join the party as a general from the cultured, but also can be the object itself has engaged the anti-war or by the designated party.
         20. The oath to join the party what are the contents?
         I volunteer to join the Chinese Communist Party support the party's program, to comply with the Party Constitution, fulfill duties of party members, pointing to the party's decisions, strictly observe Party discipline, the Conservative Party's secrets, loyal to the Party, and actively work for the communist struggle for life, ready to Party and the people to sacrifice everything, and never betray the party.