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Eighty slogan in the CPC party history

"What the proletariat through its political party to achieve for the country's political leadership of the revolutionary class? The first thing is based on the historical development of basic political slogans made itinerary, and in order to achieve this slogan on the stage of development of each and every major incident in the mobilization of the slogan. "This is Mao Tse-tung in the" Chinese Communist Party in the anti-Japanese during the mission "a passage from the text. Communist Party of China 80-year history, there are many such slogans. Beijing Municipal Party School Party Institute of Yang Shan chose one of the 80 slogans and made a background briefing, People's Network is now exclusively dedicated to the netizens, I believe this will help us better understand the Chinese Communist history.
"The rule of law", "rule of virtue"
"Three Represents"
"Stress study, political awareness,"
"Armed" and "guide" and "mold" and "inspire people"
"Socialist market economy"
"Three favorables"
"Poverty is not socialism"
"Seize the opportunity to develop themselves"
"Stability overrides everything"
"Three-step development strategy"
"Primary Stage of Socialism"
"Face modernization, face the world and facing the future"
"Socialism with Chinese characteristics"
"One Country Two Systems"
"Ideals, morality, culture, and discipline"
"More revolutionary, younger, better educated and more professional"
"Reform and opening"
"Uphold the Four Cardinal Principles"
"Emancipating the mind, seek truth from facts, unite as one to look forward"
"Science and technology are primary productive forces"
"Respect for knowledge", "respect for talent"
The "two whatevers"
"Serious reading to learn, good grasp of Marxism"
"People of the world unite to defeat the U.S. imperialists and all their running dogs"
"Fearing neither hardship nor death"
"Unite and strive for a bigger victory"
"Down with the social imperialism"
"The whole Party", "renewal and"
"Educated youth to rural areas"
"Revolutionary Committee of the good"
"Grasping revolution and promoting production"
"Great teacher, great leader, a great commander in chief, the great helmsman Long Live Chairman Mao"
"Continuing revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat of the theory"
"Prepare, prepare against natural disasters, for the people"
"Agriculture Emulating Da-Zhai"
"Industrial Science Daqing"
"Learn from Comrade Lei Feng"
"Carrying out investigation and study of the wind"
"No revisionism"
"Good people's communes"
"Cultural revolution", "technology revolution"
"Go all out to strive for better and more economical to build socialism"
"Long live the Great Leap Forward"
Of "taking class struggle as the key link"
"General line is to shine a beacon of our work,"
"Korean War, defending the country"
"Long live the great unity of Chinese people,"
"The Chinese people have stood up"
"Long Live The People's Republic of China"
"Must liberate Taiwan"
"Will be carried out in the end the revolution"
"Down with Chiang Kai-shek, the liberation of the whole of China"
"All reactionaries are paper tigers"
"Peace", "democracy" and "solidarity"
"Modest, prudent, and quit arrogance and rashness"
"Determined, not afraid of sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory"
"Foolish Old Man"
"Serve the People"
"Without the Communist Party, there would be no China"
"Pedagogical, saving lives,"
"Without self-serving, specialized Toshihito"
"People do not make me, I do not prisoners; if we are attacked we will certainly counterattack"
"Intellectuals must be combined with the workers and peasants,"
"Their hands and clothing"
"Adhering to the War of Resistance against the surrender," "uphold unity and oppose separatist", "insist on progress against retrogression"
"China is a military victory"
"Contempt for the enemy strategically, tactically enemy"
"Stop the civil war," "fight for democracy" and "achieve the War of Resistance"
"Resist the enemy outside the gates"
"Realignment Wuhan, yinma Yangtze River"
"No investigation, no right to speak"
"A single spark can start a prairie fire"
"Armed independent regime of workers and peasants"
"Barrel of a gun inside a regime"
"All these functions under the KMT"
"Used to be called cattle do now people"
"Down with the warlords, down (except) the powers,"
"Long live the Communist Party of China"