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CPC Party Day

The Chinese Communist Party of the First National Congress of July 23, 1921 meeting, while the party's birthday is July 1. Why is it time differences between the two? Why is July 1 it became the party's birthday?
         Communist Party of China was established in July 1921, because of the brutality of the struggle, in a very long time, no conditional activities organized to commemorate the reunification of the party's birthday. Until 1936, when the 15 anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, the party on behalf of a big fall, Comrade Chen Tan, published in Moscow, "Communist International" magazine VII, published the "First Congress of memories," a text to express the party to commemorate the birth. This is a commemoration of the Chinese Communist Party's first article. This article is based on a large opening of the month based on a specific, rather than a large opening based on a specific date.
         To July 1 as the birthday of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Mao Zedong was in May 1938 put forward. At that time, Mao Zedong, "On Protracted War," a text that read: "This year, July 1 is the 17 anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party." This is the central leading comrades for the first time clearly stated, "71" is the party's birth anniversary. At that time, Yan'an has been involved in a major party's founder Mao Zedong and Dong Biwu only two. They recalled that a major meeting in July, but not remember the exact date of the meeting. Because of the lack of archival material, sometimes can not be verified, so put the July 1 anniversary of the birth of the party identified.
         "71" as the party's birthday, the earliest found in the central document in June 1941. At that time, the CPC Central Committee issued "Regulations on the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the Chinese Communist Party to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the War of Resistance the instructions." Instruction, said: "This year is the 71 anniversary of the CPC produced 20, 77 is the fourth anniversary of Sino-Japanese War, the anti-Japanese base areas should be separately convened meetings, a variety of approaches, commemoration, and in various publications, a special issue or special edition of . " This is the CPC Central Committee in the name of the "71" as a birthday party to commemorate the occasion of the first file. Since then, the party began large-scale commemoration of the birthday party activities. The "July 1st " on the fixed as the party's birthday.
         A big opening party date to the late 20th century, only 70 workers from the textual history clearly. According to new-found historical materials and to verify the results, it is to determine the date of the convening of a major July 23, 1921. In a Congress after the date of a clear textual research, some of the birth anniversary of Comrade whether the party to do the appropriate changes? At that time the central leading comrades of the view that the anniversary of the birth of the party's no need to change, because it held a big party, the closing date is not the same. Although the party's birth anniversary is not a party held in one of the major specific date, but "71" is a glorious festival has been deeply etched in the whole party and the hearts of people of all nationalities. It become an annual commemoration of an important festival, festival culture has also become a part of China.