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Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech

January 18-February 21, 1992 Deng Xiaoping's southern tour of Wuchang, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shanghai and other places, delivered an important speech. Deng Xiaoping's southern tour remarks on China 90 years of economic reform and social progress, played a key role in promoting.
         Deng Xiaoping stressed that the reform and opening up should make a bigger bolder, dare to experiment, sights, and will boldly try, boldly break. He said that without a little break the spirit, without a little "adventurous" spirit, there is no gas Yigu ah, Jin-ah, to get out of a good road, a new road, they do no new business. I am afraid that another 30 years time, we will form a set of more mature system of stereotypes, in this system, the principles and policies, will also be more stereotyped. He said the reform and opening up lumbering and dare not break the final analysis, what is the fear of capitalism, more and take the capitalist road. The crucial point is the surname "capital" or the surname "agency" problem. Judging criteria should be whether the beneficial development of socialist social productive forces, whether it helps strengthen the socialist country's comprehensive national strength, whether it helps improve people's living standards.
         Deng Xiaoping said, some people believe that a little more foreign investment, then you can count capitalism, "three capital" enterprises more, that is, more things of capitalism, is the development of capitalism, these people failed even the basic common sense. Deng Xiaoping explicitly put forward the plans a little more to market forces is not the essential difference between socialism and capitalism. Planned economy is not equivalent to socialism, capitalism, there are plans; market economy is not capitalism, socialism also has the market, planning and market are economic means.
         Deng Xiaoping said that China's economic development, and always strive to a higher level every couple of years, of course, not to encourage unrealistic high-speed, or want to do solid, cost-effective, steady and coordinated development. For example, Guangdong, to the last few steps, and strive to catch up with 20 years of Asia's "four little dragons." Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places can also be developed a little faster. Deng Xiaoping further pointed out that economic development, a little bit faster, we must rely on science and technology and education. Science and technology are primary productive force. Advocates of science, relying on science and have hope.