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Party Member

Party member obligation and power

The third chapter constitution stipulates that the Chinese Communist Party members must fulfill the following duties:
         (A) to conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thought, study the party's line, principles, policies and resolutions of the Party's basic knowledge of learning, learning science, culture and professional knowledge, and strive to improve the ability to serve the people.
         (B) implement the Party's basic line and various principles, policies, and take a lead in reform, opening up and socialist modernization drive and lead the masses for economic development and social progress, hard work, in production, work, study and social life play an exemplary vanguard effect.
         (C) Adhere to the party and the people's interests above all else, personal interests are subordinate to the party and the interests of the people suffer first, enjoy later, exercise restraint and abide and make greater contributions.
         (D) Consciously abide by party discipline, abide by national laws and regulations, strictly secret of the Conservative Party and the State to implement the party's decision, subject to organizational assignments, the positive conclusion of the party's mandate.
         (E) to safeguard the party's solidarity and unity of the party loyal honest, match words with deeds, firmly oppose all factions, organizations and small group activities, against the sham of the two-faced behavior and all schemes and intrigues.
         (Vi) Effectively carrying out criticism and self-criticism, boldly expose and correct shortcomings in work, errors, and resolutely fight against negative and corrupt phenomena.
         (Vii) in close contact with the masses, the masses of the party's claim, failing to consult the masses in time to the party to reflect the people's opinions and demands, safeguard their legitimate interests.
         (Viii) Promote socialist new trend, promote communist ethics, in order to protect the country and the people's interests, in all difficult and dangerous time to stand up, heroic struggles and sacrifices.
         Chapter Constitution Article IV, the Chinese Communist Party members enjoy the following rights:
         (A) to participate in the party's relevant meetings, read relevant Party documents, to accept the party's education and training.
         (B) in the party meetings and in Party newspapers and journals, the participants on the party's policy issues.
         (C) the work of the Party to make recommendations and initiatives.
         (D) in the party's meeting, there is criticism of the party base any organization and any party members to expose the party responsible for reporting the party's members of any organization and any irregularities of the fact that demanding to punish irregularities of the party members, calling for the dismissal or replacement of incompetent cadres.
         (E) the exercise of the right to vote, the right to vote, there are to be elected.
         (Vi) in the party to discuss and decide on the party's disciplinary action against or make identification when I defend the right to participate and carry out other party members for him to testify and the defense.
         (Vii) the Party's resolutions and policies in case of disagreement, the firm implementation of the premise, it can be declared reservations, and can put their views to Party organizations at higher levels until the Central Committee.
         (Viii) to the Party organizations at higher levels until the central government requests, complaints and complaints, and requested relevant organizations to give a responsible reply.