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Centrifugal pump mounting technique

The key technology lies in the installation of centrifugal pump centrifugal pump mounting height to determine the suction process. The height refers to the water surface to the center line of vertical centrifugal pump impeller distance, it allows a high degree of suction on the vacuum can not be confused pump nameplate on the product's instruction or marked to allow a high degree of suction on the vacuum pump is a vacuum in the intake cross-section values, but also in a standard atmospheric pressure, water temperature 20 degrees Celsius circumstances, testing and determined to come by. It does not take into account the water flow after suction pipe supporting position. The water pump mounting height should be allowed a high degree of deduction of vacuum suction on the suction pipe head after the loss, the remaining portion of value, it is highly absorbent to overcome the actual terrain. Pump installation height can not exceed the calculated values, otherwise the pump will be pumping to Sheung Shui. In addition, the value of the size of the effects of the resistance to loss of suction pipe head, therefore, should adopt the shortest piping layout, and install as little as possible elbow and other accessories, can also be appropriately equipped with larger diameter pipe to reduce the flow tube.
        It should be noted that the pipeline centrifugal pump installation location is different from the elevation and water temperature when the test conditions, such as local elevation of 300 meters above the water temperature or pumping more than 20 degrees Celsius, then the calculated values to be amended. That is, different altitude at atmospheric pressure and water temperature above 20 degrees Celsius when the saturated vapor pressure. However, the water temperature is 20 degrees Celsius below the saturated vapor pressure can be negligible.
        From the pipe installation technology, suction pipes require strict tightness and can not leak, leakage, otherwise it will undermine the pump intake at the vacuum, so that pump out the water reduction in serious or even pumping Sheung Shui to. Therefore, we work out the pipeline interface work carefully to ensure the construction quality of pipe connections.