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Solenoid valve basic knowledge

Electromagnetic solenoid valve is controlled by industrial equipment for use in industrial control system to adjust the direction of media, flow, speed and other parameters. There are a variety of solenoid valves, solenoid valves in the control of different systems to play a role in a different location, the most commonly used is one-way valve, safety valve, directional control valves, speed regulating valve. Solenoid valve is used to control the effects of electromagnetic, the main control method by the relay control. In this way, solenoid valve can match a different circuit to achieve the desired control, and control can ensure the accuracy and flexibility. Magnetic force can be open or close the valve stem.
        The following examples illustrate the system with pneumatic solenoid valves in industrial control applications. The so-called pneumatic system is to gas as the media control system. Pneumatic system, the energy of the medium usually air. For use in real time, usually the volume of air in the atmosphere to be compressed, thereby increase its pressure. Compressed air is primarily by acting on the piston or leaving to make power.
        Pneumatic system, the role of the electromagnetic valve is controlled in the control system in accordance with the requirements of the various states to adjust the compressed air, pneumatic system also needs to tie in with other components, including the power components, actuators, switches, display equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Power components include compressors, actuators, including a variety of cylinder. These are the pneumatic system an indispensable part. The valve is a control algorithm for realizing the important equipment.
        For example a one-way valve so that compressed air from the compressor into the tank, when the compressor is turned off, preventing flow of compressed air in the opposite direction; safety valve when the pressure inside the gas tank more than permissible limits, can be compressed air discharge; directional control valve through the alternately to two interfaces on the cylinder pressure and exhaust to control the direction of movement; speed control valve can be easy to achieve the implementation of the components of the step less speed regulation.
        Solenoid valve not only can be used in pneumatic systems, in hydraulic systems, hydraulic systems also can be the same or similar applications, such as low power, small-scale non-oil solenoid valve, seals do not need oil, exhaust gas will not pollute the environment, can be used for food, medicine, electronics and other industries.
        Now, solenoid valve technology and control technology, computer technology, electronic technology combined have been able to carry out a variety of complex control. Such as solenoid valve can be used in the field of intelligent control, applications in wireless control technology and so on. Solenoid valve is precisely because it can be controlled with the electromagnetic, so it's a variety of electronic systems and present a good interface, which is widely used it is a major cause.
        Solenoid valve has been widely applied in various fields of production, with the magnetic control technology and manufacturing process improvements, the electromagnetic valve to achieve a more sophisticated control, for the realization of different pneumatic system, hydraulic system to play its role.