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Engineering machinery and equipment manufacturing and operation

In order to improve the quality of machinery and equipment to make it durable, all manufacturers have their own quality assurance system, and testing methods. Some main parts and assembly of construction machinery have good quality, but the foreign co-production of machinery accessories manufacturers’ poor quality, resulting in frequent machine failures, if a loader is only due to the main control valve off the safety seal of quality, however, need frequent replacement, increased maintenance workload. Therefore, OEMs should be strictly in accordance with Acceptance and spare parts, the failure of the spare parts are not allowed to installed capacity.
        In order to extend the life of construction machinery in use must adhere to the implementation of "three packs of two fixed" system (to be, who was scheduled machine, bag use, bag storage, bag and maintenance), machine operators to achieve the "three-understanding" (understand the structure , understand principles, understand the performance), "the four" (to use, will be maintained, checks, would rule out failure), the correct use of machinery, strictly enforce safety technical operation, and machinery and equipment to implement target cost management, will be the operator economic and mechanical user fees (such as fuel and power costs, maintenance costs, maintenance costs, tools, etc.) linked to the machine control officers and to strengthen professional ethics education and training.
        It should be particularly pointed out an often overlooked, namely, elements of the environment from diesel-mechanical effects. Construction machinery are mostly open-air job, job sites are constantly changing so its performance venues operating temperature, chlorine pressure, pollution, traffic and weather factors such as a significant influence. Many construction unit because of the neglect of environmental factors on the impact of the use of machinery, did not take appropriate protective or adaptive measures, resulting in mechanical use of performance degradation, shorter life, and even lead to accidents. If at the construction site to take effective measures, such as construction of access roads to keep smooth regular and timely maintenance; rain puddles on the pavement in time will be filled, sunny frequent watering to reduce dust; construction of bypass roads for repair according to local conditions to reduce slope and so on, right to extend the favorable mechanical life.