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Engineering machinery and equipment operation and design

The same type of construction machinery and equipment, the design level, manufacturing quality, and the use of the environment and the use of technology and management of maintenance organizations, different levels, their life will be very different. Therefore, the construction machinery research, design, manufacture, installation until the operation, maintenance and repair of the entire process, has a responsibility to contribute to extend the life of machinery.
        Good design is to extend the service life of mechanical equipment, the first link. Japan proposed the "design career," But hardly durable Japanese products for sale worldwide. In China's railway construction site, the main equipment, many of Japanese products, according to ergonomic design of the seats, console, environment-friendly low-noise engine, my eyes feast for the eyes of a strong use of the streamlined cab are welcome. To Japan's Hitachi Construction Machinery, Caterpillar - Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Kobe Steel and other information on the design of vendor to extend the service life of the main mechanical design approach is to implement the maintenance design of the feasibility of the design.
        Japan's Shin Caterpillar - Mitsubishi's use of load analysis method, an accurate analysis of the bulldozers and other construction site, the force components of stress analysis is proposed to extend the life of mechanical design (longevity design), namely: ① lower surface pressure (mechanical surface of the contact stress), such as screw instead of involutes gear teeth, so that increases the coefficient of overlap. ② distributed load, such as the use of a triangle must be replaced with a regular line of vision walk walking track, Department of the driving wheel from the conventional touch-down triangle-style moved to the top of disengagement with the ground, so that driving wheel to withstand the impact from the load, work load Datong degree of reduction. ③ reduce heat, such as the use of wet clutch, wet brake, so as to reduce the friction heat. Efforts to improve the mechanical design are to extend the life of the maintenance of effective measures. Maintainability is defined as: "the system, equipment, ease of maintenance parts, or in nature." Parts or whole machine life and its maintenance of good or bad have a lot to. Japanese construction machinery manufacturers believe that if good mechanical maintenance, easy maintenance, be able to adopt the "low-cost, quick fix", will enable parts often in good technical condition, once out of the failure, since they can quickly repair low-cost, no replaced with new parts or a new machine, which would effectively extend the life of the machine.
        Therefore, in the design of new machines, we must seek to improve its maintainability, its main principles: ① disassembly simplicity. Such as the use OPS pipe joints (O-ring joints), split track link section, flip-style cab or engine cover, gap-adjustable hinged structures. ② Combination of parts. The parts and components designed for easy removal of components, such as CAT D9L bulldozers, the use of combination of design components, the components than the CAT D9H bulldozers to reduce dismantling time by 60% -75%. ③ centralized refueling. If large-scale production of Komatsu bulldozers, will be transmission, torque converter and other parts of the fuel filler (oil filter), manometer spots arranged in one place, the driver standing on the ground can be applied to the refueling and inspection of hydraulic components, which eliminates the climb of fatigue will help ensure that the schedule for lubrication and to prevent omissions. ④ Check-based monitoring. To the use of electronic and micro-technology, fuel, oil temperature, Hotbox, water temperature, vibration and load monitoring, fail-safe in the first place. ⑤ extended lubrication cycles. If a dual filter allows the oil is not easy aging; pairs of light load, activities are not frequently used by the Department under the Department of hinged oil-bearing, oil-free lubrication; sealed lubrication-style track, etc. to reduce the aging oil, leaks, or extended lubrication cycles , reducing the amount of maintenance work, but also to ensure the lubrication of mechanical parts are in good condition. ⑥ Wearing parts universal, right common wearing parts maximize the use of common parts, in order to reduce stocks of spare parts to facilitate the procurement of spare parts. ⑦ Random tool complete. Tools should be considered in the design of randomized thoughtful. Drivers for easy routine maintenance repairs. ⑧ As much as possible from the design to reduce maintenance projects, and gradually the maintenance-free design.
        The introduction of new materials is to extend the life of machinery and equipment and effective measures in recent years, the rapid development of materials science, a large number of high-strength, wear, vibration and shock of the new material actually appeared constantly in the design of new aircraft shall be based on mechanical properties and Condition selection of new materials suited to extend their useful life.