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How long about “Shen 8”lift off?

Our group supply rockets facilities sophisticated equipment for China aerospace industry group, Shanghai institute of space propulsion, supporting the “Shen 8” lift off successfully! On 25th in China institute of rocket 211 factory assembly workshop, reporter visited the “long march No.2 rocket”, the rocket has completed by assembly workshop, and has been waiting for delivery.
      “Shen No.8” after "Shenzhou No.7" will launch unmanned aim aircraft, preparing for China's space station. QiChuntang, "Long No.2 F" rocket vice director, answered questions that “Shen No.8” will use “long No.2 F” advanced rocket--- “long march No.2” F/G rocket, it was expected to its first launch around 2010.
      According to LiuLiangdong, who is engaged in China's space control system research, and is mainly responsible for the shuttle GNC system development, revealed that China will launch “Shenzhou No.8” in 2011, while the original plan is earlier than 2011. Before launching “Shen No.8”, we will launch a goal aircraft, and the aircraft is unmanned. If the launch is successful, it will be a major breakthrough for China's space industry,.