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Under the new situation, the company media new value and mission

May 25-26, the eighth annual national business newspapers and business-cum-financial crisis response workshop was held in Wuxi. Annual corporate governance by the China Enterprise Confederation publicity committee, "Enterprise Management" magazine, co-Peking University, Renmin University of China Communication University of China co-sponsored, Wuxi Power Supply Company and co-Katsumori taozhuang, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group's Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to give special support.
         The annual meeting is the national business response to the major challenges in international and domestic economic environment; strengthen confidence, a total of grams of the storm held against the backdrop. The theme of the conference is "confident that inner strength plastic image of the tree and promoting development", aimed at through dialogue and exchanges, in-depth to explore how to further develop the new situation, the media companies a unique and powerful communications capabilities into the enterprise help one another, grow together in an important force. China Enterprise Confederation Yin Yuan-ping, executive vice president of Renmin University of China School of Journalism, executive vice president of the high steel, enterprise management, chief editor of Chi Hui-ling, People editor Zhan Xin-hui and other leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs attended the annual meeting, from the across the country more than 100 business representatives attended the meeting.
         Yin Yuan-ping, Comrade opening statement, she said that since reform and opening, as the business continue to grow and prosper, our businesses thriving newspaper industry development and thriving prosperity of the enterprise reform, improving management modernization, create corporate brand image, to promote enterprise a harmonious and stable development has an important influence and promote the role as the corporate information dissemination, and media publicity, internal and external communication and an important platform for the construction of enterprise culture.
         She pointed out that since the international financial turmoil sweeping the globe, causing heavy losses to the world economy since the development of China's enterprises face serious challenges, the current priority is to continue to boost confidence in China's economic development firmly optimistic about the future, in the face of difficulties remain optimistic about the upward spirit. In this regard, enterprises should respond positively to the press, make a difference, it is necessary to the enterprise through business both within and outside the media conveys such a strong firm voice: the difficulties are not terrible, the most terrible loss of confidence, loss of morale and courage. Only gather the strength and solidarity, in order to a total of grams of difficulties to overcome the crisis; only rely on themselves, turn pressure into motivation to courage and turn challenges into opportunities; only to establish the concept of scientific development, persist in innovation and development, harmonious development, to resolve the development of encountered various problems and challenges, to achieve sound and rapid development, which is the media, each enterprise should take up the mission and responsibilities.
         She said that a good corporate media, should always adhere to the service enterprise for the purpose of fully reflect the value of corporate creativity, cultural appeal and branding power. Hope that every business has always been standing in the media forefront of development of the times, seize opportunities, exploration and innovation, advance with the times, to sharpen their political quality and professional level, through study and practice the scientific concept of development, in-depth exploration and research in the new period Enterprises development of the media laws to enable enterprises to truly become the press to promote enterprises to improve enterprise management level, to build the core competitiveness and the achievement of an important impetus for sustainable development of enterprises.
         The annual meeting also summarized the year 2008-2009 in recognition of outstanding achievements of national business newspapers and "I and Enterprise press" excellent essay, China Baoan Group, Bank of China, Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. and other enterprises newspapers and the "three were published and 25 within years of our lives "and other essay was commended. 2008-2009, the outstanding achievements of national business newspapers and "I and Enterprise press" excellent essay, is accredited by the Commission preliminary review of Final Appeal, combined with the results of selected online publicity generated. Review Committee from Beijing University, Renmin University of China Communication University of China and other experts from universities, professors, and People's Daily, Economic Daily, "Enterprise Management" magazine, newspaper and other media editor of Chinese enterprises formed.
         Annual national business press, has been successfully held for the eighth, received the majority of experts and scholars, active participation and support of enterprises, causing widespread concern in corporate print media, resulting in a greater impact. Annual national business newspapers and business press workers to build mutual learning, exchanges and promote a platform to explore business newspapers new problems, new approaches, and jointly promote the healthy growth of corporate press together to improve enterprise newspaper work.