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National legal holiday summary (2008)

1. New year’s day: Hoildays from December 30, 2007 to January 1, 2008. Among them, January 1 (Tuesday) is the statutory holiday, December 30 (Sunday) is public holiday, December 29th (Saturday) will be shifted to December 31 (Monday), Dec. 29 (Saturday) begins to work
      2. Spring Festival: Holidays from February 6 to 12 (Chinese New Year's eve to 6th ). Among them, February 6th (New Year's eve), Feb. 7 (spring festival), Feb. 8 (the second day of Chinese lunar January) are the statutory holidays, Feb. 9 (Saturday), Feb. 10 (Sunday) as usual, Feb. 2 (Saturday), Feb. 3 (Sunday) will be shifted to February 11 (Monday), Feb. 12 (Tuesday), Feb. 2 (Saturday), Feb. 3 (Sunday) for works.
      3. Tomb-sweeping day: Holidays from April 4 to 6. Among them, April 4 (tomb-sweeping day) is the statutory holiday, April 5 (Saturday), April 6 (Sunday) are public holidays as usual.
      4. The international labor day: Holidays from May 1 to 3. Among them, May 1 is statutory holiday, May 3 (Saturday) is public holiday, May 4 (Sunday) will be shifted to May 2 (Friday), May 4 (Sunday) begins to work
      5. The Dragon Boat Festival: Holidays from June 7 to 9. Among them, June 7 (Saturday) is as usual, June 8 (the Chinese lunar calendar May 5, the Dragon Boat Festival) is the statutory holiday, June 8 (Sunday) will be shifted to June 9 (Monday)
      6. The Mid-Autumn festival: Holidays from September 13 to 15. Among them, September 13 (Saturday) is a public holiday, Sept 14 (Chinese August 15, Mid-Autumn festival) is statutory holiday, Sept 14 (Sunday) will be shifted to the September 15 (Monday),
      7.National Day: Holiday from September 29 to October 5. Among them, October 1st, 2nd and 3rd are statutory holidays, September 27 (Saturday), September 28 (Sunday) will be shifted to September 29 (Monday), 30 (Tuesday), Oct. 4 (Saturday), Oct. 5 (Sunday) are public holidays as usual.