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Shan'xi Institute of Coal Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICC)

Shan'xi Institute of Coal Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICC) is high technology research and development institution, which applied in research and develop in three academic scopes such as energy and environment, advanced material and green chemistry.
        ICC was inaugurated in Dalian under the name of the Laboratory of Coal Chemistry of CAS IN 1954. In 1961, the laboratory was moved to Taiyuan and renamed the institution of Coal Chemistry, CAS on expansion.
        Since the foundation, ICC has developed from a small laboratory with a staff of 64 into a comprehensive national research institution. ICC now has a staff of 452, of which 371 scientific and technology workers, including 1 academician, and 24 Ph.D. supervisors, 46 researchers, 95 vice-senior scientists. It was the first work units approved by State Department which has the power to award doctorial and master’s degree. It was the post-doctorial research station, which possesses four doctorial research stations with the majors of physical-chemistry, science of material, chemical technology and industry catalysis. And it has six masters’ research stations with the major of organic chemistry, physical-chemistry, chemical technology, and industry catalysis, 1 chemical post-doctors research station. At present, ICC has 166 PHD candidates, 129 masters and 1 post-doctor.
        ICC does great contribution to the development of national economic development and science & technology in different times. It has won more than 180 State, CAS, provincial and ministerial awards, over 570 patents have been granted. ICC is now playing an important role in China’s coal energy conversion, advanced material and green chemistry. CAS president Lu Yongxiang inscribed for ICC: Develop High-techs and realize industrialization, make strategic contribution to clean energy and advanced material technology, and industries.
        After enter into the 21st century, ICC adjusted it’s strategic development goal as follows: with the optimization of coal use ad a core and the innovation of green chemistry and advanced material, carry out basic strategic and foresighted researches, realize industrialization of high-techs, so as to provide the scientific and technological achievements and high-tech talents to meet our nations need in energy strategy and sustainable development, and making achievements in basic research internationalized, high-tech research patented and applied research industrialized.
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