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About Us

Suzhou electrical equipment Co., Ltd.

Suzhou electrical equipment Co., Ltd is an enterprise which provide online instrument, leakage analysis of steam sampling tube in a power plant, monitoring system in waste water processing, automatic drug-feeding equipment and water-treatment equipment for salt removal operation. In 1995, it was rewarded provincial high tech products for its advanced technology and high quality products.
        For years, it has provided industrial electrical conductivity, Industry Ethernet Monitoring, dissolved oxygen meters and acid-alkalimeter for power plants and other industry. It gets great achievements by cooperating with some colleges and universities, power design institutions, power plants and some experts both in and out.
        For example, the vapor sample analyses system and micro-controlling system, which is designed by Suzhou electrical equipment Co., Ltd and Zhenghai power plant, was awarded” Science and technology production” by electrical power department,. The controlling system of waste water treatment and other products which is cooperated with other company, also get highly welcome by the customers.
        Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Suzhou electrical equipment Co., Ltd for years. The pumps and valves we provided for them are of high quality, which makes them satisfied with our products.