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About Us

Shang hai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Established in Dec.1995, now as the Joint Venture with Siemens, Germany, Shang hai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd is affiliated with the Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group of Shanghai Electric Group Corporation. The combination of the over 40 years mature manufacturing experience of Shanghai Electrical Machinery Manufacturing Works, the advanced technology and management experience of Siemens lay the foundation of the company’s leading position in the turbine generator manufacturing industry.
        The main workshop of the company is 312 meters long, 36 meters wide and 34 meters high, and has a weightlifting capacity of 500 tons. The company owns more than 780 different equipments, in which the key equipments are mainly imported from the world best companies. So now with an annual output of 30000MW, it has the capability of manufacturing the world biggest unit ―the 1800MW 4-pole nuclear turbine generators.
        Aimed at the world first class, with continuous investment in research and development, the company focuses on self-innovation as well as joint development with universities and research institutes. With a creative HR training mechanism, it has formed its unique technical innovation system which is headed by an academician of the China Academy of Science and the doctor degree engineers.
        Based on the world first double-water cooled generator technology which is its own intellectual property, and the digestion, absorption and optimization of world first class generator technology from Siemens, the company has established series products of air-cooled generators from 30 to 200MW, double water-cooled generators form 50 to 340MW, water-hydrogen-cooled generator from 200 to 1000MW, and totally hydrogen-cooled generators from 200 to 350MW. It has also made a historic breakthrough and achieved great accomplishment in manufacturing1000MW class ultra-supper critical, nuclear and gas turbine generators.
        With a set of technical R & D fruits and patents, all its main products have reached the world advanced level and are appraised many times as key national products, Shanghai famous brands, and won the first prizes of Advanced Science & Technology issued by the state and Shanghai municipality. The products have been exported to Pakistan, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, etc...
        The company now is working on 1800MW class nuclear generator and 1200MW class fossil fuel generators to form new generator core technology to increase its core competence continuously. With the spirit: Pursue Excellence, To Be the First, the company has gained good economic benefit and social benefit in management improvement and in domestic and international market development. The company was successively awarded the national “May 1 Labor Medal”, Shanghai Quality Management Prize, the honorable title of Shanghai Most Satisfied Enterprise by Employees and the title of Civilization Unit of Shanghai. And it has been one of the top 500 in China Mechanical Industry for several years.
        With the aim: To Care About The Interests of The Customers, To Strive for a Long Term Development, the company will strive further to provide first class products and service to our customers, to provide more power to China and the world and to make even greater contributions to the social development.
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