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About Us

Kaiping Guanghe Fermented Bean Curd Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1893, Kaipinh Guanghe Fermented Bean curd CO., Ltd. is located on No.6 Dongbu, Shuikou town, Qiaoxiang Kaiping city of Guangdong, which has the history of more than one century. In 1996, it became a joint venture company with the investment of Singapore Foodstar Holdings Pte. Ltd.
        Its main products are fermented bean curd, fermented red bean curd, which are traditional food with more than one hundred years history. The main material of Guanghe fermented bean curd is soybean, which is pure nature green food. It adopts modern new technology and equipment base on traditional production technology, processes testing and inspecting to the physical testing & chemical analysis according to relevant industrial standard and sanitary standard. From the aspect of material purchasing to manufacturing, it was supervised and inspected strictly by quality inspection department, so as to avoid pollution in the processing of manufacturing.
        It has been authorized by ISO 9001quality system certification in 2000. In the processing of quality management and other works, it carries out all the requirements of ISO9001 quality system. In June, 2002, it obtained the quality certification of ISO9001:2000, the CQC certification and BM-TRADA certification. All these achievements make Guanghe’s production quality rise to a new level.
        Guanghe fermented bean curd contains many kinds of amino acid, which are necessary elements for human body. And it is high in nutritional value, without adding any additive, which take often is helpful for human body’s beautification.
        Kaipinh Guanghe Fermented Bean curd CO., Ltd. became “Consumers’ Deep Trust” because it’s high quality products and excellent service. It gets the commendations from the national wide, provincial wide and civic wide. From 1949 to1995, it was selected in the most honored product in China because of the greatest mount of production and sale. It gets Gold Medal the Beijing’s Second International Exposition in 1991, the Famous Brand of Guangdong province in 1992, Top Ten Food Additive of Guangdong Province in 1993. It was named “The Symbol Product of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships “ in 1995, “Consumer Trustworthy Product” in 1996, “Famous Band Product in Food Industry ” in 1996, “Famous Brand of Guangdong Province ”in 1996, Be awarded “The Excellent Foreign invested Enterprise” by the Committee and Government of Jiangmen City. It get the fame of “Famous Brand of Guangdong Province” again in 1998 and be awarded the “Brand products of Guangdong food industry association”. At the beginning of 2003, Guanghe Fermented bean curd was approved to be the “Green Food” by Green Food Development Centre of state.
        Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd. is the main equipment supplier of Guanghe Fermented Bean Curd Co., Ltd., which provide sanitary pumps and valves for its food production. We, Shanghai Fengqi get highly appreciation from them because of our high quality products.