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Shanghai Shihua Xinyuan Chemical Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shihua Xinyuan Chemical Industrial Development Co., Ltd (Xinyuan) is the subsidiary company of SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Company Co., Ltd, which has a staff of 335.
        The scope of business of Xinyuan is manufacturing and distribution of chemical products, fine chemical processing, recycling and processing of chemical waste liquid, manufacturing and distribution of air separator, manufacturing and distribution of wrapper and building material and the transportation of common products.
        The main products are Glycolonitrile, Sodium Sarcosinate, Formaldehyde, N-Phenylglycinonitrile, Acryl amide, Ethylene, Metal Packing container and middle sized wood cases for bulk cargo.
        The company takes “insisting the strategy of development, improving the internal management, adjusting running system and optimizing faculty structure” as the guideline, improves the management level by the adopting of quality security, safety, healthy and environmental system. Basing on the innovation of science and technology to improve the competitive power in the markets, the company develop more market space by strengthen the distribution net to realize maximizing economic benefits.
        The company’s formaldehyde was awarded “high quality products” by Chemical Department and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, the container of sodium cyanide, the middle sized cases got the “Exportation Goods Packing Vessel Quality license” by Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Second prize of Shanghai’s excellent new products for the glycolonitrile, CQC certification of company’s quality system and so on.
        Shanghai ENINE Pump & Valve Co., Ltd is the main supplier of Xinyuan, which provides pumps and valves for years. The products ENINE provided are of high quality and high performance, which get high appreciations.