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Magnetic Pumps


Magnetic pump (magnetic drive pumps) mainly consists of pump head, magnetic transmission device (magnetic cylinder), motor, connecting baseplate and a few other parts. Magnetic pump magnetic transmission device is composed by the outer magnetic rotor and inner magnetic rotor and non magnetic isolating sleeve. When the motor drives the outer rotor rotating, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non magnetic material, drive inner rotor connected with the impeller to make synchronous rotating, realize the dynamic synchronous transfer without contacting, transfer the easily leak dynamic sealing structure to the zero leakage static sealing structure. Because of pump shaft, inner magnetic rotor is completely closed by body, isolating sleeve, thus thoroughly resolve "run, emit, drip, leakage” problem, eliminate petrochemical industries inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media through the pump seal leakage safe hidden trouble, Shanghai fengqi produced various magnetic pump products effectively ensure on-site operator's physical and mental health and safety production.

Magnetic Pumps