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KFQ Air Source Distributor

Feature and Application

DFQ series air source distributor is interspace bridge between Pneumatic instrument and main air tubing, the tie-in of DFQ series air source distributor's one end connect the air feed box with male thread or flange, break off the connection with air source ball valve or tube end cap. DFQ series air source distributor discharge the condensed water from the air out of the distributor termly, for fear that water come into the Pneumatic instrument.

Diagram and Connecting Dimensions

KFQ Air Source  Distributor

Technic Date and Material

No. Model PN gas supply pipe outside diameter Conection way
1 KFQ-Ⅰ-6 =1 6 F6 or F8 ZG1/2″
screw ZG3/4″
2 KFQ-Ⅰ-12 12
3 KFQ-Ⅰ-24 24
4 KFQ-Ⅱ-6 6 flage JB81-59
5 KFQ-Ⅱ-12 12
6 KFQ-Ⅱ-24 24
7 KFQ-Ⅲ-6 6 ZG1/2″
screw ZG3/4″
8 KFQ-Ⅲ-12 12
9 KFQ-Ⅲ-24 24