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J23SA 3-Valve Manifolds

Feature and Application

J23SA 3-Valve Manifold is consist of high , low pressure valves and the balance valve and applied with the pressure-difference transducer. Its function is to open or shut off the passage between the positive ,negative measuring room of the pressure-difference transducer and the leading pressure point or positive ,negative measuring room. Leading and transporting pressure points connect with the steel piped directly ,by welding connection or other way. Please give clear indication when make an order.

Diagram and Connecting Dimensions

J23SA 3-Valve Manifold pic 1
Structure of J23SA 3-Valve Manifold pic 2
Structure of J23SA 3-Valve Manifold pic 3

Technic Date and Material

No. PN DN(mm) Applicable Temperature (℃) Body
1 6.4 5 -20~440 20#
2 16 -70~240 1Cr18Ni9Ti