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CV3000-HTSW Bellows Sealing Single Seat Regulator

CV3000-HTSW Bellows Sealing Single Seat Regulator
CV3000-HTSW Bellows Sealing Single Seat Regulator

Structural features and applied range

CV3000-HTSW bellows seal single seat regulator is a top oriented structure regulator. The body structure is compact, fluid passage is s-shaped streamlined and pressure drop loss is small, flow is large, and wide adjustable scope. The upper bonnet uses bellows sealing structure, can eliminate the leakage possibility of process medium from stem to the gap, which is one notable feature of this regulator. Due to the bellows component itself deformation and anti-aging, the regulator completely overcome packing aging and temperature sensitive normally existed in packing seal valves. Secondly, using bellows- filler double sealing structure, the safety and reliability is better. Therefore, it is widely used in poisonous, corrosive, such special medium rare radioactivity, automatic control system.
Valve core guide area is large, with good ant-vibration, equipped with multi-spring type actuator, the film structure compact, larger output.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

body type: Straight single seat cast spherical valve
nominal diameter 40、50、65、80、100、150、200mm
nominal pressure
ANSI: 125、150、300Lb
JIS: 10、16、20K
PN: 1.6、4.0MPa
flange connection: RF、RJ
flange standard:JIS B2201-1984、ANSI B16.5-1981、JB/79-59, etc
welding connection: SW(40~50mm) BW(65~200mm)
body material
cast steel(ZG230-450)cast stainless steel(ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、ZG316L), Ti, etc
upper bonnet
normal temperature type(P):-17~+230℃
extend I type(EⅠ):-45~-17℃ +230~+566℃
extend Ⅱtype(EⅡ):-100~-45℃
Note: working temperature can not exceed the various materials allowed range
gland type: bolt pressure type
Sealing packing V type PTFE packing, containing PTFE leached asbestos packing, asbestos weave packing, graphite packing Internal components
core type single-seat plunger core
WCB, SS(1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、17-4PH、9Cr18、316L), SS bead weld stellite, Ti and anti-corrsive alloy, etc
bellows material 1Cr18Ni9Ti
type: ZHA(B) multi-spring diaphram actuator
diaphragm material: NBR with nylon
spring scope 20~100、40~120、80~240KPa
air supply pressure: 140~400kPa
air source interface Rc 1/4
environmental temperature-30~+70℃
valve acting type: pneumatic close or pneumatic open type
Annex locator, air pressure filter, position valve, stroke switches, the transmitter, handwheel mechanism, etc
metal seat:less than 0.5% of rated volume, in accordance with ANSI B16.104-1976 ClassⅡ
soft seat:less than 10-7 of rated volume, in accordance with ANSI B16.104-1976 ClassⅥ
return difference
with positioner: less than 1% of full stroke
without positioner: less than 3% of full stroke
intrinsic error
with positioner: less than ±3% of full stroke
without positioner: less than ±11% of full stroke
Note: using normal V type PTFE packing
adjustable range 50:1