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CV3000-HTS Single-seat Regulating Valve

CV3000-HTS Single-seat Regulating Valve
CV3000-HTS Single-seat Regulating Valve

Structural features and applied range

CV3000-HTS single-seat regulator valve core uses up-oriented structure, with compact structure, and have a “S” streamline channel, which reduces its loss of pressure drop, large flow, and wide adjustable, high flow characteristics accuracy, in accordance with IEC534-1-1976 standard. The leakage of regulator is accordance with ANSI B16.104 standard. Regulator equipped with multi-spring film actuator, with compact structure, large output.
The product conforms to the GB/T4213-92.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

body type: Straight single seat cast spherical valve
nominal diameter 40、50、65、80、100、150、200mm
nominal pressure
ANSI: 125、150、300、600Lb
JIS: 10、16、20、30、40K
PN: 1.6、4.0、6.4MPa
flange connection:FF、RF、RJ、LG
flange standard:JIS B2201-1984、ANSI B16.5-1981、JB/79-59, etc
welding connection:SW(40~50mm) BW(65~200mm)
body material
cast steel(ZG230-450), cast stainless steel (ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、ZG316L), Ti and so on
upper bonnet
normal temperature type(P):-17~+230℃
extend I type(EⅠ):-45~-17℃ +230~+566℃
extend Ⅱ type(EⅡ):-100~-45℃
extend Ⅲtype(EⅢ):-196~-100℃
Note: working temperature can not exceed the various materials allowed range
gland type: bolt pressure type
Sealing packing V type PTFE packing, containing PTFE leached asbestos packing, asbestos weave packing, graphite packing Internal components
core type single-seat plunger core
WCB, SS(1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、17-4PH、9Cr18、316L), SS bead weld stellite, Ti and anti-corrsive alloy, etc
type: ZHA(B) multi-spring diaphram actuator
diaphragm material: NBR with nylon
spring scope: 20~100、80~240KPa
air supply pressure: 140~400KPa
air source interface: Rc 1/4
environmental temperature: -30~+70℃
valve acting type: pneumatic close or pneumatic open type
Annex locator, air pressure filter, position valve, stroke switches, the transmitter, handwheel mechanism, etc
metal seat:less than 0.01% of rated volume,in accordance with ANSI B16.104-1976 class Ⅳ
soft seat:less than 10-7 of rated volume, in accordance with ANSI B16.104-1976 classⅣ
return difference
with positioner: less than 1% of full stroke
without positioner: less than 3% of full stroke
intrinsic error
with positioner: less than ±1% of full stroke
without positioner: less than ±5% of full stroke
Note: using normal V type PTFE packing
adjustable range 50:1