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CV3000-DHSC Explosion-proof Electric Cage Single-seat Regulator

CV3000-DHSC Explosion-proof Electric Cage Single-seat Regulator
CV3000-DHSC Explosion-proof Electric Cage Single-seat Regulator

Structural features and applied range

CV3000-DHSC explosion-proof electric cage single-seat regulator is suitable for braising cavitation occasion that high pressure differential is easy to generate, is a high-performance single seat regulator, strong protection sleeve protects valve from braising and cavitation damage. The structure is compact, with “S” streamline channel, reducing the pressure drop, large flow, wide adjustable scope. Valve core guide area is large, anti-vibration is good. The leakage of regulator conforms to ANSI B16.104 standard. Regulator euipped with multi-spring diaphragm actuator, its structure is compact, and output is large.
The product conforms to the GB/T4213-92, VDS4006-92 standard.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

body type straight single seat cast spherical valve
nominal diameter 40、50、65、80、100、150、200mm
nominal pressure
ANSI: 125、150、300、600Lb
JIS: 10、16、20、30、40K
PN: 1.6、4.0、6.4MPa
flange connection:FF、RF、RJ、LG
flange standarad:JIS B2201-1984、ANSI B16.5-1981、JB/79-59
welding connection:SW(40~50mm) BW(65~200mm)
body material
cast steel(ZG230-450) cast stainless steel(ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、ZG316L), Ti, etc
upper bonnet
normal temperature(P):-17~+230℃
extend I type(EⅠ):-45~-17℃ +230~+566℃
extend Ⅱ type(EⅡ):-100~-45℃
extend Ⅲ type(EⅢ):-196~-100℃
Note: working temperature can not exceed the various materials allowed range
gland type: bolt pressure type
Sealing packing V type PTFE packing, containing PTFE leached asbestos packing, asbestos weave packing, graphite packing
Internal components
valve core type single sleeve plunger core
sleeve type separating sleeve
SS(1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、17-4PH、9Cr18、316L) SS bead weld stellite, Ti and anti-corrsive alloy, etc
DKZ series electric actuator
361L series electric actuator
SKZ series electric actuator
PSL series electric actuator
input signal
DKZ actuator: Ⅱ:0~10mA•DC(input resistance 200Ω);Ⅲ:4~20mA•DC(input resistance 250Ω)
361L actauator: 4~20mA•DC、1~5V•DC(input resistance 250Ω)
SKZ actuator: 4~20mA•DC、1~5V•DC
PSL actuator: 4~20mA•DC
power supply
DKZ actuator:220V,50Hz
361L actuator:220V,50Hz
SKZ actuator:single phase control 220V,50Hz
PSL actuator:single phase control 220V,50Hz;three phase control 380V,50Hz
manual mechanism
DKZ actuator:handwheel
361L actuator:on-off type
SKZ actuator:handwheel
PSL actuator:handwheel
valve acting type electric-close type or electic-open type
Annex locator, handwheel mechanism, valve position transmitter, etc
in accordance with ANSI B16.104 Class Ⅳ,less than 0.01% of rated Cv
return difference
Equipped with DKZ actuators is 1.5%; equipped with 361L actuators is 2%, equipped with SKZ actuators is 1%, equipped with PSL actuators is 1%
intrinsic error
Equipped with DKZ actuators is ±2.5%; equipped with 361L actuators is ±2%, equipped with SKZ actuators is ±1.5%, equipped with PSL actuators is ±1%
Note: using normal V type PTFE packing
adjustable scope 50:1