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Cryogenic Valves


Cryogenic valves, including cryogenic ball valve, cryogenic gate valve, cryogenic globe valve, cryogenic safety valve, cryogenic check valve, mainly used for three thousand tons ethene, liquefied natural gas and others that require temperature reached -196 degrees chemical equipments. Due to the output cryogenic liquid medium such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products are flammable and explosive, and also will gasify when rising temperature, when gasification, volume expansion hundreds of times. Cryogenic valves materials are very important, if unqualified, will cause the shell and sealing surface external leakage or inner leakage, Parts of the mechanical properties, strength and stiffness can't satisfy the requirements and even rupture. Leading to liquefied natural gas medium leaking to explode. Therefore, in the development, design, manufacture process of cryogenic valves, material handling is the primary key problems. Shanghai fengqi after years of manufacturing, has accumulated rich experience, from design to manufacturing are all mature, and has been increasingly form cryogenic valves series products. The cryogenic valves products are processed by strict testing of cryogenic and with stable quality.

Cryogenic Valves