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Cryogenic Ball Valve

Cryogenic Ball Valve
Cryogenic Ball Valve

Product Description

Name: Cryogenic ball valve
Kind: API → Ball valve
Standard: API 6D, API 608, ASME B16.34, ANSI/AWWA C507, MSS SP-72
Material: Moulded steel, Stainless steel, Forged Steel
Mumber: 11211212816


The cryogenic ball valve is applicable to different pipeline of Class 150~Class1500, PN16~PN100, JIS10K~JIS20K. By adopting different materials, the cryogenic ball valve is applicable to different working temperature and medium. The minimum temperature for the ball valve is -196℃. The operation of the ball valve can be manual operated, gear operated, pneumatic operated and motor operated. The end connection usually is flanged ends. However, the welded ends are also optional.

Product range

The cryogenic ball valve has two types: Floating ball and trunnion mounted ball. For their range, face to face dimension and flange dimension, please refer to the corresponding data of common floating ball valve and trunnion mounted ball valve. For valves with working temperature above -50℃, long neck design is seldom adopted. For valves with working temperature below-50℃, the neck length T shall be 250mm, or shall be decided as per our own design and calculation.
Cryogenic ball valve is used for low temperature working condition, especially for some hazard media, such as liquidized natural gas. Our company has been experienced in the design, manufacturing, inspection and test of cryogenic ball valve.

Choose for material

Common steels are brittle in the cryogenic condition. So, the key point for the design and production of cryogenic ball is to select proper body material according to the minimum working temperature of the ball valve. To ensure the material suitability under the low temperature condition, the material adopted shall be impact tested according to the standard requirement. The packing, gasket, bolt and nut shall also adopt the materials suitable for low temperature condition.